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Buttock Augmentation

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We human beings are full of imperfections that we do not always know how to manage and which we try to remedy in all possible ways, but often do not succeed. That is why On many occasions we resort to the services of professional experts in cosmetic surgery To remedy those things that we do not like about our body.

Buttock augmentation surgery is becoming one of the most demanding interventions for women In the last few years. The technological development in this area of cosmetic surgery is one of the most evolved and best aesthetic results offers, inciting even celebrities such as Kim Kardashian or Mariah Carey to resort to these techniques to achieve strong and firm asses.

One of the most used techniques is the lipotransference in the buttocks, which combines two treatments (liposuction and buttock augmentation, as we will see later). Although its main purpose is to increase the size of the buttock, the lipotransference also fulfils indirectly another function: the elimination of fat. This happens because liposuction is extracted fat from an area in which it is superfluous, getting styling this area, while at the same time injecting this same fat in the buttock, to obtain the desired volume.

Thanks to the lipotransference in the buttocks we managed to give a more natural look to our figure, because, as we have said before, at the same time we are styling two areas of our body: the buttock and the area from which we have eliminated the fat. In addition, the areas where the most fat is usually obtained are the cartridge strips, abdomen and flanks.

Thanks to our more than 30 years of experience we are experts in the interventions for the increase or refirming of buttocks, where We use the most avant-garde and safe techniques on the market.

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What is buttock augmentation?

The buttock augmentation operation is also known as buttock lift or buttock lipofilling.

The buttock augmentation is that surgical intervention whose objective is, as it could not be otherwise, to increase the size of our buttocks. But not only is it intended to increase the size of the same, but it can also be remodeled or reaffirmed. For that, there are several types of interventions, which we will see below.

Before we begin, it is important to note that this type of operations are demanded by both women and men, so it is vital to take the reading of this post as merely informative and we recommend always go to the consultation of a specialist in the field to Advise us correctly and individually to know the best procedure for our specific case.


Duration: 1-3 Hours
Hospitalization: 1 Day
Anesthesia: General
Recovery: 1-2 Month.

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Reasons to undergo buttock augmentation.

The advantages of the buttock augmentation operation.

The advantages of buttock augmentation intervention There are many, and not only in the aesthetic aspect of the buttock and the body in general, but also in the emotional aspect, because without a doubt we feel better and more confident in ourselves when we find ourselves better physically.

However, we will list the main advantages, depending on the comments we have received from patients who have already passed through the hands of our professionals:

  1.  Better self-esteem. We like it more when we look in the mirror and we like what we see, how well we have the clothes that we could not put on and how sexy we feel, and that is reflected in our self-esteem.
  2. Visible results in a short period of time: The results are obvious, there are no visible scars, and the result is very natural, so it will not seem that we have gone through an operation.
  3. Early recovery: As we will see below, postoperative and recovery after intervention are not at all traumatic.

Buttocks operation

The safety and experience of more than 30 years of experience.

As we have said before, there are several techniques in this type of interventions, which are as follows:

Buttock Augmentation requiring surgery: Once our health has been verified by the professionals of our medical center and, confirmed that this will be the technique to use, the next step will be the entrance to the operating room to begin with the surgery. The surgery lasts approximately two hours. The process begins with a photo shoot for the subsequent verification of results, followed by the supply to the patient of general anesthesia, in order to proceed with the operation without any incident.

An incision is made in the intergluteal crease, always without exceeding the principle of the separation of the buttocks, because if this area were to pass, the marks of the incisions would be aesthetically noticeable.

In the case that the implants were chosen, a space would be created in the buttock, where the implants would be placed.

Buttock Augmentation through Liposuction: It is one of the most used techniques to improve the aesthetic aspect of the buttocks. The process is to design the shape of the buttock, through the extraction of fat from carefully selected areas. One of the advantages offered by this technique is that you can also increase the volume of the central area of the buttocks again injecting the fat that previously has been extracted with liposuction.

It is important to remember that liposuction is not used to substitute weight reduction, but it is only a methodology to eliminate localized fat, and can be done in thighs, buttocks, abdomen, arms, trunk, face and neck. Therefore, the ideal pretender to receive a liposuction is that person who has an excess of fat located in certain parts of his body.

In women, in particular, and in the case of buttock augmentation, it is usually a common practice to perform a liposuction of the lumbar area, waist and lateral areas of the stomach (what is colloquially known as «float»), to, taking advantage of this area is stylized, extract fat and put it in the buttocks, to round them and give them a more beautiful aesthetic.

Buttock augmentation through implementation of silicone implants: Silicone implants are a very good and highly recommended option for both men and women. The technique does not vary, but the result can be done, depending on the sex of the patient.

Usually, the aspect that is usually left in the man is that of a muscled buttock, while in the woman, the implant would provide a more round effect on the buttock.

What material are these implants composed of? The material used is the cohesive silica gel, as the probability that the quality of this type of material deteriorates less over time and is highly unlikely to break. The cohesive silica gel offers great resistance to such a delicate area and so subjected to muscular tensions such as the buttocks. Walking, running, biking or swimming are just some of the most common activities, which load the area muscularly and need the best material for its proper functioning.

There are two types of silicone prosthesis according to the shape: round and oval. How to choose between? It depends on the shape of the buttock, the sex of the patient and the goal that is to be achieved with the intervention.

For example, women usually prefer to have a round and firm buttock, rather than muscular and oval, and this is why we recommend this type of implant for the female public.

The question that many of our patients ask us is: Is it possible to make a buttock augmentation without having to do surgery?

In this case, we regret to confirm that it is not possible to increase the buttocks without surgery. However, there are a number of very effective treatments in the market that serve to improve the skin of the area in question, such as radiofrequency.

It is a technique that, as we have said, does not serve to increase the size of our buttocks, but to make an improvement in the health of the skin, especially in areas more affected, as can be the subgluteal area, between the buttock and thigh.

Postoperative and recovery after buttock augmentation

You will have a fast, safe postoperative and we will be at your disposal for any questions.

Just finishing the operation, according to the patient, could already perceive some significant change in the appearance of the buttocks intervened, But with the passage of days and weeks, the changes will be much more perceivable.

Pain is always less than expected by patients, but for some days you will have to take pain relievers, so it is advisable that we consult with our specialists to know which are the most advisable for a quick and perfect recovery.

But there’s nothing to worry about. As it is logical, after surgery there will always be some pain, especially when walking, sitting or climbing steps, in this case, but it is completely normal.

As far as recovery is concerned, It is vital to pay absolute attention to the indications of our professionals, and follow them with discipline. To do this it is necessary to ask the necessary questions, and not go home with any doubt of any kind. It’s the most important thing.

Be advised by Dr. García-Dihinx

Get natural results.

It is always advisable to put these things so intimate always in the hands of the best professionals. Dr. García-Dihinx is characterized by:

-Ability of our team of qualified surgeons, with More than 30 years of experience.

– Our centres in Zaragoza, Logroño, Malaga and Marbella, which have Avant-garde and safe facilities, where the tecnics more advanced, through an exclusive and personalized service.

The safety and naturalness of the results achieved, aided by a fast and comfortable postoperative.

To be members of the most prestigious societies at national and international level.

At this stage where we have to make such an important decision, It is essential to rely on qualified professionals who use the most avant-garde and safe techniques to make the operation a success. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will advise you on everything you need without any commitment.

Frequently Asked Questions buttock augmentation

The following questions and answers will give you an idea of the most common concerns of buttock augmentation patients.

If you want a more projected buttock or correct defects and asymmetries we are facing effective intervention. It will be a matter of assessing the case in a personalized way and choosing the technique to be used. It is also effective in cases of sagging buttocks. You should keep in mind that the buttocks are a sexual appeal and especially the contour of the woman is defined by the curve that is created between the waist and hip so if you improve this curve you will be winning in physical attractiveness.

There are two possibilities:

  • Buttock augmentation with implant.
  • Buttock augmentation with fat, similar to liposuction.

If you are looking to increase the projection of the buttocks we recommend inserting implants, although it is also possible to achieve positive results by liposculpture, removing fat from cartridge strips or waist and it in the buttocks, improving the figure.

Our prosthesis are the highest quality and best guarantee, its durability is guaranteed, are highly cohesive and minimize the risks of encapsulation and breakage.

We have not been given the case nor is there any study showing that there may be side effects.

Normally they retire at 10-15 days after the intervention, the wound should be dry and may oscillate a few days depending on each case.

Not to the naked eye, since the incision is minimal and will be placed in the intergluteal furrow, ie it will be hidden between the two buttocks.

Totally natural, in fact not even touch is usually noticed that is a buttock operated. This is done well and if the implant has been inserted well into the cavity and into the desired plane. Dr. Garcia-Dihinx has experience in this type of gluteal interventions, it is important to choose the size and shape of the implant well, for which the definition of the work in the pre-operative will be decisive, as well as to follow the deadlines marked after the intervention. It is important that the prosthesis is placed at the intramuscular level and will be covered by the gluteus major muscle.

In the cases that have been carried out in our clinic the results have been satisfactory and long lasting with low rates of resorption. It is important to avoid compression on the buttocks after operation to maintain blood supply in the area. It is also a technique of an excellent recovery and always controlled with analgesics or antibiotics.

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