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The technique of Fatty graft or lipofilling It was designed by Dr. Sydney Colleman of New York who called itLipoStructure ®. Dr. S. Colleman in the search for the ideal padding for soft-tissue padding, created a revolutionary technique that uses a Natural tissue, such is the patient’s own fat. LipoStructure ® is a Safe procedure, predictable and that does not cause tissue damage In the receiving zone.

Dr. García-Dihinx has been performing for over 30 years in Zaragoza, the technique of “Transfer of adipose tissue“or” lipofilling “according to the principles of Dr. S. Colleman. Below we tell you the great benefits of this technique for the patient and how it is done. In addition, we will take into account the risks that may arise and we will tell you all the applications of the treatment.

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Fatty lipofilling – what is it?

Use your own fat to fill in irregularities and furrows.

The lipofilling is not only a filling or volumetric restoration technique, but the fatty or adipose tissue is usedAs a source for regenerating and repairing other tissues. On many occasions the Results are spectacular, depending on where you apply and the type of patient you are treated to.

Today, no one discusses the therapeutic potential of stem cell. In fact, new cell regeneration therapies are being developed through the use of “fat-derived adult stem cells,” which is obtained by means of Liposuction. Therefore, we are talking about a proven and experienced method, it is not any type of experimental treatment or in testing phase.

Liposuction as discussed above, assumes a much larger role than the simple conception of being the ideal surgical treatment to treat localized fatty deposits.


Duration: 1-2 Hours
Hospitalization: No
Anesthesia: Local
Recovery: 1-2 Month.

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Lipofilling – What drives us?

Depending on the part of the body you want to treat, different treatments and interventions will be carried out.

  • Volume loss.
  • Body Remodeling.
  • Correct congenital malformations.
  • Improve the mood.

Lipotransference technique

The success of the lipofilling is due to several factors to take into account when performing the intervention so that it finally has good results.

It should be assessed correctly where the Place where you can remove the fat In an easier and more efficient way. To do so, all necessary measures must be taken in any intervention, informing the patient of the possible risks of this part of the operation and the remainder of the intervention by which the extracted fat is placed again.

The Adipose tissue is collected Using a liposuction pump and cannulas (small tubes) with a small diameter of 2 to 3 millimetres. There are surgeons who however prefer the fat extraction with 10 C.C. syringe The fat once decanted or centrifuged is stratified according to its density, so the serum to be heavier is in the lower portion, the fat, ie The material to be injected remains in the middle portion And the oil, lighter in the upper portion. Once decanted or centrifuged, the fat is transferred to 1 ml syringes to be reinjected into small quantities “fatty micrografts” according to the technique of Dr. S. Colleman

Facial lipofilling

The main reason for the placement of fatty graft is to achieve a “volumetric restoration”. The concept is very simple, over the years the volumes of the face are reduced, on the other, the soft parts are reduced the fat and the muscle mass, is then when the skin having less support descends and falls. The first few Flaccidity Symptoms They begin to appear.

The current philosophy in the Rejuvenation Surgery It is not so much the tensioning of the skin, but the Neocreación of a new facial volume of a “Volume Restoration” Which indirectly creates a “skin tightening”. Dr. Coleman with his LipoStructure ® technique restores that filling and facial fullness giving a fresher and younger look.

lipofilling Buttocks

The Gluteal remodeling needs a thorough exploration of the anatomy, it should be taken into account: the existence of depressions, asymmetries, the quality of the skin, the intergluteal crease, the degree of muscular atrophy

The estimation of volume to be injected depends fundamentally on the results that the patient wants to experience, but we also have to take into account: the Technique to be employed, as this can be subcutaneous, intramuscular or mixed. It depends on the result we are looking for and the surgeon’s preferences. The Entrance Door, that is to say, from where the micrografts are going to be applied. The usual is that it is done through the intergluteal crease, but it is also possible to do it by the crease of the subgluteal or the outer margin. Estimated Volume aspirated by liposuction. We must know in advance what is the amount that can be extracted from another area of the body.

Lipofilling Mamas

The Breast augmentation with own fat It is another of the places where we can apply the lipofilling. It is possible to use the technique for the following treatments. Breast augmentation, correction of post-mastectomy defects, tuberous breasts, díndrome of Poland, postoperative defects of breast cancer, post implant defects, post reconstruction defects with large dorsal miocutáneo flap and asymmetry of breast

Lipofilling cleft Chest

The “Pectus pectus” It is a congenital malformation consisting of the depression of the sternal bone. If it does not cause functional respiratory disorders, the filling with “Fatty Micrografts” It is an indication of first order. It is essential to trust and to be placed only in the hands of qualified professionals so that the result is expected.

Fatty graft – Testimony

Patient of lipofilling.

Dr. Garcia-Dihinx has changed my life positively. After mentally preparing to perform the weight loss operation, my body suffered a great change, but I was not prepared for what happened to my body and my self-esteem once I reached the desired weight.

My first consultation with her charmed me, her professionalism and dedication to her work, left me perplexed.

In my first operation with Dr. Garcia-Dihinx, I performed a mastopexy with breast implant, and a tummy tuck at the same time, so I could shape my body. The results were better than expected. Now I can see my breasts, in place, firm and stuffed. Abdominoplasty was something extraordinary, today I can buy clothes of a suitable size.

The doctor has an amazing talent and you really realize when she explains the procedure in her office, detailing the procedure and the different phases. The staff of Clínica García-Dihinx is very attentive and professional, I have almost no words to thank you for everything you have done for me.

.- R.G | Zaragoza

Lipofilling – Remodeling of buttocks


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