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Breast Enlargement

Breast augmentation is the most demanding plastic surgery for women in Spain

Experience and skill + 30 years

Financial facilities

Most innovative clinics and materials

The experience of more than 30 years and more than 2500 breast operations

As a member of the most prestigious societies of cosmetic surgery, I am specialized in breast Augmentation And the most innovative techniques for rapid post-operative recovery. I started using the most innovative techniques in the year 2000 and has since evolved a lot, as well as the early and successful recovery that helps my patients with surgery breast enlargement. A prompt recovery after the breast operation helps the patient to perform a day-to-day internship of 1 to 2 days after the operation. I visit all my patients after 24 hours and I can see how happiness and smiles invade their faces. My mission with you has always been to provide individualized and integral attention, helping your recovery be the most bearable and quick to return to your daily activity as soon as possible.

I have been developing the breast augmentation technique and recovering after breast surgery for over 30 years, to make breast enlargement surgery as safe as possible. These techniques can only be used by the most experienced, and skillful surgeons, always counting on the most advanced technology. This way we can minimize the trauma and therefore get the pain and recovery of breast surgery faster.

Many of you are the women who have heard of stories of friends in which after making a breast augmentation, they had severe pains, even past the first, second and third week. Personally, I am very thankful to hear from my patients tell me that the pain has been very mild and that they were able to return to work and take care of their children and normal activity.

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Breast augmentation – what is it?


Duration: 1-2 Hours
Hospitalization: 1-2 Days
Anesthesia: General
Recovery: 1-2 Weeks.

She makes an online diagnosis 100% free in García-Dihinx clinic and receives a first assessment.

Breast augmentation – What drives us?

Each and every one of my patients has given me a number of reasons why they decide to do the breast augmentation.

  • Want some bigger.
  • Get more attractive breasts.
  • Regain the firmness of the breasts.
  • Get your breasts back before a pregnancy.
  • Look in the mirror and feel safe with yourself.
  • Be more attractive to the opposite sex.
aumento de senos

The art of getting a breast augmentation based on the needs of each patient requires a skilled experience of the surgeon. If you feel identified with any of the points described above, you are a candidate to make a breast augmentation. Dr. Garcia-Dihinx, with more than 30 years of experience and thousands of breast augmentation behind him, he manages to make the most artistic and natural finishes to rejuvenate a woman.

Understanding female breast

The three main components that are in front of the mammary muscle are: the skin, the fat and the breast glands, better known as Mamario conduits.


The skin has the function of wrapping and keeping the whole breast together. In women with less breast skin (small breasts) the skin will need to accommodate breast implants.


Fat represents the majority of breast volume and is responsible for touch and flexibility. When a woman gains weight, the breasts have to grow like the rest of the body. Just as fat has to be easily reconfigured by the addiction of a breast implant.

Glandular tissue

Breast implants tend to increase the volume of the breasts, but do not change the shape of the glandular tissue.

Breast Operation – Consultation

Recommendations so you can take advantage of your breast enlargement treatment consultation with Dr. Garcia-Dihinx

The decision to make a breast enlargement it’s a personal decision. There are many women in the world who have already gone through the phase of making that complicated decision, although deep down they know what they need. Breast augmentation makes a woman see her breast enhanced, feel more comfortable with herself and the world around her. Like it better. May he dare to wear clothes that he was afraid to wear before. The breast augmentation operation is one of the most requested by women around the world.

At Garcia-Dihinx clinic we are specialists in this type of operations for more than 30 years, passing through our hands thousands of women who had the same nerves and fears that you have right now. When they finish the process and check with the results are spectacular and it really has been worth it, they feel much better.

Dr. Garcia-Dihinx has always guided and helped her patients at all stages of the process. From the first consultation where the motives are discussed and the aspects are analyzed to see if you are a candidate for breast surgery.

Dr. Garcia-Dihinx talk to you about all the possibilities that are appropriate to your body to determine what is the perfect breast implant according to your goals. In addition, you will have the possibility to try different sizes of breast implants and see photos of results from other patients of breast augmentation

Learn about breast augmentation

Read about breast enlargements, although it is a very common and increasingly demanded surgery, is still a surgery. Therefore, having a breast augmentation surgery should only be considered after having valued all the advantages and disadvantages.

So you can make the decision, you have to keep in mind that involves surgery, and you expect to get after the operation. Today there are many websites, where you can find out and where you can get information of great help to make the decision. Unfortunately, there are also sites that try to scare patients with sensational content.

The following websites that I provide are a reliable source of information on breast augmentation operation:

SECPRE: Spanish Society of Cosmetic and Reconstructive plastic surgery

AECEP: Spanish association Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery


Options for breast augmentation surgery


There are a multitude of options that you need to consider before you made a breast augmentation. Dr. Garcia-Dihinx will guide you through the process and help you make the right decision according to your goals and body.

Dr. Garcia-Dihinx is experimented with the different types of breast augmentations, as well as knowing and developing the techniques that are best suited to the result you are looking for. The study of your body anatomy and your bodies marked the decision for your optimal breast augmentation operation.

Your options include:

  1. Silicone implants or saline implants
  2. Round implants or Anatomical prosthesis
  3. Smooth implants or rough implants
  4. Advice from Prosthesis marks
  5. Implants under the muscle or implants above the muscle
  6. Mammary incision/areolar incision or axillary incision

Breast augmentation is done using an implant, which may be filled with saline or silica gel. In García-Dihinx we have the highest quality gel implants in the entire national territory. There is a wide variety of sizes, shapes, profiles and projections.

We always work with the best materials, and that is why we use the highest quality anatomical implants on the market: the Polytech Double Gel ® with Microthane ® cover. They offer a wide variety of advantages in the final result, offering a natural and balanced look. Its impact on health is less offers better esthetic results, are of longer duration and also arise less complications post-operative. As to its functionality, the Polytech Double Gel ® with Microthane ® cover reduces the risk of rotation, encapsulation and displacement and facilitates a fast, comfortable and less risky postoperative.

To the question of whether the implant is performed above or below the pectoral muscle, it will depend on the thickness of the patient’s tissues. The placement below the pectoral muscle is generally more recommended, as the tissue gives the implants an additional layer of coverage.

There is also the option of a placement under the mammary gland (subglandular), which allows the post-operative to be less annoying and can be returned to the usual routine. This decision is also altered depending on the specific case.

As for the type of incisions, these can be carried out in the areola, in the armpit or in the submammary fold, depending as always of each specific case. When done in the areola, the scar tends to hide over time, because it changes the color of the areola’s edge.

In the Submammary fold, which is the most common type of incision, the scar is hidden by the natural inclination of the chest. Instead, an incision in the armpit leaves a very discreet result, but to be able to carry out the breast must have very specific characteristics.

Breast operation – before and after photos

Is important that you search the Internet for photo galleries before and after women who are already operated on the breast to get an idea and that the doctor can understand what your goal is. There are many bad results on the internet, so don’t worry if you see something that doesn’t convince you. Breast surgery is seen as a simple operation, which is why many doctors who are not surgeons (emergency doctors, family doctors and gynecologists) are doing this operation.

The results are not always expected. While no plastic surgeon can guarantee the perfect result, a properly trained plastic surgeon is likely to be able to get the result you are looking for.

Before your first consultation, it is good that you can bring with you the images of the chest you want to get. If on the contrary you do not have how to print them, you can send the images to us via email Before you come to consult.

When you look at the images of other women already operated on your breasts, you should consider the following:

  1. Size: How big do you want your chest to be? Will they be provided to your thorax?
  2. Shape: Do you prefer a round implant for a push-up shape, or are you looking for a natural breast result?

Look at your own breasts

Look at your body in front of the mirror. You have to understand that all women are different and that the current size of your breasts, shape and position will influence the appearance of your body after the operation of your breasts. Some women have very separate breasts, having to use different techniques to achieve a desired cleavage creating a completely natural aspect.

Also, when you look in the mirror, keep in mind that your breasts are not the same. No one is perfect and not an exception rule. Usually the breasts differ in size, orientation position, as well as the size and shape of the nipple. During your consultation with Dr. Garcia-Dihinx, you will be able to explain in detail what can be done to improve the asymmetry of your breasts.

Breast augmentation operation

The preparation is 90% of breast surgery. Success is but the execution of a well-thought-out plan.

Throughout the process of breast implants and with the experience of Dr. Garcia-Dihinx will the choice of breast implant, the technique and placement of the implant to achieve the natural result you are looking for.

Anesthesia For breast augmentation surgery


You will arrive at the Quiron Clinic with 2 hours of antelaciones where you will meet the nurses of our team. It will be verified that you are prepared for treatment and you will be given any medically required prior to surgery. Once the operating room is ready, Dr. Garcia-Dihinx will meet you, where she will be able to formulate the last minute questions.

Dr. Garcia-Dihinx will take pictures before the surgery and mark your breasts to make the last preparations before breast surgery.

All of our breast augmentation surgeries are performed under general anesthesia. You’ll be completely asleep, so you won’t feel any inconvenience. The anesthesiologist of the team of Dr. Garcia-Dihinx used mascara, this means that you do not need to insert any tube through the trachea, so that waking up you will not feel discomfort in the throat.

Insertion of the breast implant

Once you are fully asleep, during insertion of the breast implant we will wash your chest with an antiseptic solution and cover the immediate vicinity to keep your breasts in a bacteria-free environment. Before you begin to make the incision, the team of Dr. Garcia-Dihinx, will inject you local aneasteis around your breasts, so that when you get up do not feel discomfort.

With all the preoperative performed, a small incision (submammary, areolar or axillary) was made to create the passage from the skin to the space behind the breast. A pocket will be created, above or below the muscle, to place the breast implant. Once the breast implants are opened from their sterile wrapping, they are washed with an antibiotic solution, and then placed in the pocket created previously.

Non-invasive breast augmentation technique

Dr. García-Dihinx uses the most advanced instrumental so that during the operation and insertion of the implant it is transferred directly from the sterile sheath to the sterilized pocket. This limits the chances of infection and complications that may arise after the breast augmentation surgery. Once the breast implant has been introduced, the symmetries are meticulously measured to make the necessary adjustments and to make them look like symmetrical breasts. Finally, stitches are made, and your breast will be surrounded by bandages to keep the implants in place.


Recovery Post Breast augmentation operation

Once the chest operation is done, our anesthesiologist will turn off the gas to wake you up 60 seconds later. You’re going to be moved to the recovery room, where a nurse will be with you while you’re just clearing up.

After waking up, about 30 or 45 minutes later, it will begin the follow-up programmed by Dr. García-Dihinx in its process of breast augmentation recovery and optimal healing of your surgery. Remember that follow-up visits are very important for a quick recovery and to get the desired result.

Benefits of Breast Augmentation operation

Benefits for the person

When a patient decides to undergo a breast augmentation it’s because it needs to look different or even gain self-esteem. And when the operation is done, it happens just that. You feel safe and happy to see how your appearance has changed.

Let’s see what are the main benefits for this intervention:

  • Increases self-esteem.

It is very common to make a breast augmentation because you are not satisfied with your own appearance or have a complex. This treatment will increase the size of the breasts, so the person sees a physical transformation that makes you feel happier with the image itself.

  • What is the main objective of a breast augmentation.

You get the form of chest you want and above all higher volume. In this way you look much more attractive and with a more harmonious and proportionate figure.

  • You’ll feel more beautiful.

Yes. You’ll feel that you’ve done it already. You’ll look at yourself and see that body you’ve always wanted. You will say goodbye to the resorts and start to enjoy your body, to dress as long ago did not and feel more complete.

Benefits of operating with us

  • Hospital security and the Doctor who performs the surgery.

The safety of the intervention is given by the professionalism of Dr. Garcia-Dihinx, with years of experience behind her back and a success rate that ensures that your intervention will have unbeatable results.

The hospital where the operation is performed is also very important. We do this treatment in the Quiron Hospital, with the tranquility it provides to be in a medical center that has more than forty hospitals in Spain.    


  • Quality in the treatment.

It is very important that you know what they are going to do to you, how they will do it and why they make decisions or others. From our clinic we provide you with a series of specialists who will make you feel comfortable and in good hands throughout the process. In addition to using the latest advances in the market and the most advanced technology.

  • Implants guaranteed.

We use Diagon/Gel ® 4Two Polyurethane prosthesis.  A technological innovation that allows us to place the implant in such a way that the breast is as natural as possible, thus obtaining the best results.    

  • Recovery.

After the operation the patient can come home in 24 hours, which will make you feel more comfortable. You may feel pain or discomfort in your chest but you can get along with the recommendations the doctor will give you.

How your life will change after the operation

    • You’ll feel freer.

When a person feels good about himself, he has that sense of freedom that it’s hard to get with something else. So you will feel, free to dress as you always wanted, to look in the mirror and like you, to go to the beach or show your neckline without worry.

    • You’ll gain security in yourself.

When you look good in security. This is tied to that freedom that we talked about earlier. The security you feel to be able to look at you with the mirror, seeing that you got what you wanted, is not comparable with anything.

Breast operations

Breast augmentation by via Submammary

Polytech Replicon®

Breast augmentation with mammary implant filled with high cohesiveness gel with anatomical profile and round base, surface coated with Microthane ® that reduces the possibility of Capsular contracture. Breast surgery is carried out at the Chiron Clinic in Zaragoza where Dr. García-Dihinx is head of the cosmetic and repair plastic surgery unit.


Breast Augmentation – Testimony

Incredible surgeon, Maria Jesus is honest, skilled, communicative patient and very meticulous.

Before I met Dr. Garcia-Dihinx, I had already operated breast augmentation with another surgeon. My previous breast augmentation I did not like anything, had a very false result, I had appeared the called rippling and was very unhappy. I wanted the result to be natural and something more proportionate to my body. After analyzing my case, and assessing the different results and the objective I wanted to achieve, the doctor I retire the old implants, and I put some implants of the brand Polytech.

The Doctor is nothing impulsive and I did not feel that I would like to sell the operation, unlike other surgeons, who tried to close the sale in the day offering me discounts. Everything was very transparent and the information was given to me step by step.

The pre-operative and postoperative on the part of the surgeon’s team was fantastic. The pains I had the first few days disappeared very quickly and a little less than two weeks was doing normal life.

It is not the only treatment I have done with her, as well as advising my friends to visit her about any questions or changes that they want to make.

.-Carmen | Zaragoza

Breast augmentation Surgery

Get Funding for your esthetic treatment in Clinica Garcia-Dihinx up to 100% and 60 Deadlines.

Operation Breast Augmentation – Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions and answers will give you an idea of the most common concerns of breast augmentation patients

With our experience we have achieved that the scars and their visibility are reduced to the minimum. To do this, we operate making the minimum possible incision and in the places less visible so that the scar is not perceptible. In addition, the treatment we make of the incision and the most innovative techniques guarantee the best possible result.

Any surgical intervention implies a certain aggression to the body, so it is normal to have, after it certain discomforts and pains that are not significant with the controls and the proper treatment. Our experience for over 30 years allows us to provide a pre-and post-operative solution and treatment so that the incidences and discomforts can be reduced to a minimum, achieving a faster recovery and with the least possible impact.

We guarantee, on the part of the entire human team of the Chiron Clinic, that it will have a follow-up and accompaniment during all the phases of the process until its complete recovery after the Breast surgery.

One of the most recurrent concerns is anesthesia: In the Chiron clinics we have experienced specialists and professionals who will evaluate the needs of anesthesia and sedation relevant to the Chest operation and for every patient. For customer safety, during the process will be monitored and cared for by a qualified health team that minimizes risks and minimizes the inconvenience or discomfort that accompanies all surgery.

The Price Breast Augmentation It is not standard: it is fits to the particular and individual reality of each patient. Therefore, with our 30 years of experience we know that the decision for the treatment to follow is evaluated in the consultation between doctor-patient, considering and valuing personal needs, physical characteristics, patient expectations, etc.

Therefore, in Quiron Clinic we offer the first free consultation so that, speaking with the professional who can best guide and answer all questions and doubts, can orient and propose the individualized response that best meets the needs of each client and the possibilities that cosmetic surgery offers.

The breast augmentation operation is always carried out in a clinical center that offers all the guarantees for the good development of the procedure: with all the human and technical resources of vanguard, modern facilities that offers the confidence to follow a protocol of maximum efficiency and safety.

The centers in which the breast augmentation are made are the Quiron clinics, which are based in Aragón (Quiron Zaragoza), Andalusia (Quiron Malaga and Quiron Marbella) and in La Rioja (Quiron Logroño).

We invite you to visit the facilities that you have closest to know the medical and support team that will assist you and solve your doubts in particular.

The choice of a good professional, also supported by a cutting-edge technical and human team and great preparation is basic to obtain the best results and more reliable.

In the case of Dr. García-Dihinx, we are faced with a medical professional who has been devoted entirely to plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. For his professional career he is a member in addition to the most prestigious societies in his area, guaranteeing a permanent and specific training so that he can obtain the expected results.

A lot has been written on the internet about various methods and deceptions to increase breasts. The truth is that the size of the chest is controlled by the genetics and the pituitary gland in the brain. Next, I show some of the non-alternatives to breast augmentation.

  • Supplements, creams and all the products that sound too good to be true.
  • Wearing a bra or not.
  • Rubbing or tightening the breasts
  • Having sex or not.
  • Pumps and machines for the increase.

The following factors, yes, can contribute to the Breast Augmentations, but they are not an alternative to breast augmentation.

  • The contraceptive pill may have as a side effect on some women breast augmentation, as in many others it will not.
  • Pregnancy increases breast size, but only during pregnancy and lactation period.
  • Weight gain in general can make your breasts increase in size, as will the body generally.

It is important to warn the technician in charge that we have an implant before the procedure, since it may be necessary to apply various special displacement techniques and additional views. It is possible to give the case that breast implants interfere with the work of the person specializing in that procedure on the other hand depending on the pathway of the implant previously commented (Axillary, (Peri areolar and Submammary), the submammary technique, by not creating a scar in the glandular tissue, is easier for the detection of a mammary tumor.

As we have said before, currently most implants are silicone. All the people of the Earth, we can develop any type of allergy to any type of substance, although the probabilities of developing joy to the silicone are minimal. Every day we are exposed to silicones. You may be surprised to discover that the most typical products, such as hand cream, suntan lotion, deodorants, even processed foods, contain amounts of silicone.

The duration of the implants varies greatly depending on the quality of the breast implant. The implants used by Dr. García-Dihinx mostly do not have an expiration date or defined the lifespan of implants. If there is no problem with the implants, there is no reason to replace them or to have to change them regardless of the time it takes, be it 10 years. Still, there are other issues that can make a change of breast, as well as the change in size (something very normal in patients) or the change of style of prosthesis are the reasons why many women decide to replace the prosthesis.

No, in such a santurado as the one we live in today, there are more than 30 prosthetic manufacturers, most of them French, yet the highest quality prostheses are manufactured in the US. The highest quality prostheses are those approved by the FDA, in charge of carrying out quality control audits on the sanitary products, being one of the most restrictive organisms on the products of commercialization. In short, FDA-approved prostheses are synonymous with extreme quality. Mentor is one of the leading prosthetic brands. The study “core” a multicentric study conducted in a large number of U.S. hospitals concluded that the rupture of Ark Mentor Prosthesis is seven times lower than its direct competition. Mentor is surely the best product on the market, and the most sold prosthesis for the breast enlargement, more information on the Prosthesis labels.

Like any other hematoma, it is important to protect the incision from sweat while healing. The first few weeks after breast augmentation are the most important, so avoiding activities in the upper part of the body and activity that require a certain intensity should be left.

As in most of the purchases we make, the cost is linked to quality, treatment and service after the operation. A second round Jarca implant can cost 3 times less than a first-mark anatomical implant of cohesiveness level III. Without a doubt, the most advisable is to go to an accredited hospital, personally, I perform all the interventions in the prestigious Quiron Clinic of Zaragoza, where I am director of the Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics Unit

There are many women who show this concern, the fact of having to breastfeed their baby after a breast augmentation has been made. Most women have no problem breastfeeding their baby. However in some cases, and depending on the route we use for the incision and breast implant, it can happen as in the case via the areola, certain conduits are broken, such as the ducts (those that drive the milk), either around or in the middle of the areola, so this can make it difficult to breastfeed. As for the health of the baby is concerned, no higher levels of silicone are present in both breast implants and without them. We remember that silicone is a derivative of silicon (mineral) that is present in a multitude of products. This mineral can also be found in cow’s milk and milk formulated for infants at higher concentrations than in milks from mothers with implants. We must keep in mind that some women in their lactation period may appear to be mastitis (inflammation of the ducts drivers), causing capsular contracture. For all this it is advisable to inform our doctor of any worthy of inflammation. To minimize the risks in the short, medium and long term when breastfeeding a baby and in the face of our personal health, it is very important that breast augmentation surgery be performed by a good plastic surgeon.

Both sunbathing and tanning in salons is not detrimental to the implant, but we must bear in mind that they can cause the scars to accentuate. It is advisable to avoid sunlight and tanning rays on the incisions for at least one year, as this may cause the incisions to darken permanently.

Quality & Innovation & Security

When the best materials and facilities are blended with the experience of more than 2500 chest operations

aumento de pecho mentor

Quality Mentor

That mentor is a world leader in breast implants manufacturing it’s no coincidence. For more than 30 years they work with the highest manufacturing security to achieve excellence.

operacion de pecho polytech



Prosthesis Diagon Polytech, sophisticated implants that have double gel diagonally for greater breast adaptation, and avoid displacement and breast encapsulation.

aumento de mamas quiron

Security Quirón

All my patients are operated on breast augmentations at the prestigious Chiron Clinic in Zaragoza. I have been practicing for more than 9 years as director of the cosmetic and repair plastic surgery unit.


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