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Breast Lift

Breast lift is the technique that deals with restoring the sagging breast and giving it a more youthful look

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Many of the women who visit the García-Dihinx clinic in Zaragoza want to make a breast lift To get more young breasts, symmetrical and proportionate to the rest of the body. Breast augmentation can offer an increase in the size of the cup, to improve a sagging breast and regain the firmness and overall shape of the breasts, it is often necessary to perform a mastopexy , more than just adding volume. A breast lift (Mastopexy), in addition to increasing the breast, toning the sagging skin of the breast and in turn remodeling the breasts, simultaneously increasing the position of the nipple and areola, recovering the shape of the breast and getting that apparently is more juvenile.

The mastopexy is a type of surgical intervention very grateful because, after the operation, the woman regains a powerful bust even without having made any increase. Breast lift is a process that helps our patients recover their feminine and sensual image dramatically.

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 Mastopexy – what is it?

Restore the sagging breast, change the position of the areola and nipple, eliminating the excess skin to achieve a more youthful breast

The mastopexy is the technicality used for what is commonly referred to as the surgical treatment that treats the Breast lift and the breastfallen. The breasts of a woman develop during adolescence and, depending on each woman, around 17 or 18 years is given for completion of breast development.

It is a pure breast lift operation, ie without putting or removing anything. It is suitable for women who have fallen breasts, and want to recover their breasts. It can also be done in conjunction with an increase or breast reduction, but the most simplistic concept of mastopexy is a pure breast lift.

The female breast is subject to various transformations, whether due to genetic factors, breast augmentation due to pregnancies, breastfeeding, weight loss, hormonal factors or just over the years. These factors are conditions that confer Mom loses her look and become flabby, coming to have an appearance of sagging breasts or empty sinuses, so rejected by social stereotype.

These changes have a very negative influence on the woman feeling that she has lost her youth, beauty and femininity. And what is worse, the loss of security in itself can cause very serious ailments such as depression or anxiety.


Duration: 1-2 Hours
Hospitalization: 1-2 days
Anesthesia: General
Recovery: 1-2 month.

Therefore, those women who believe that their breasts have fallen and/or have lost volume, the treatment is always surgical and consists of a Increase and a Sinus lift Simultaneously. This type of surgical operation can help women recover their well-being and help many who have been able to lose their self-esteem, regain confidence.

The sagging breast lift, is one of the most grateful treatments patients, after the recovery period.

Mastopexy is an operation that does not usually leave a lot of scar, although it always depends on the degree of ptosis, the amount of skin that is on, the fatty or glandular tissue that we should eliminate and whether silicone implants are used or not. The use of Anatomical prosthesis Or round helps on many occasions to decrease the size of the scars.

As a general rule, the more final volume our patients want, the lower the scars will be. and vice versa. On the contrary, the more skin you have to remove, the bigger the scar will result.

Thus, there will be basically three types of scars:

1) A single scar in the Submammary furrow, the result of having little fall or a desire to have a very volume breast.

2) A periareolar scar (around the areola) when a droop or moderate ptosis.

3) Add to the anterior scar a vertical scar on very drooping breasts, and a more horizontal one in the breast furrow. This scar is known as inverted T.

She makes an online diagnosis 100% free in Clínica García-Dihinx and receives a first assessment.

Sagging breast – what drives us?

Mastopexy can be chosen by various situations such as wanting breast augmentation, breast lift, or combination of both.

  • After a pregnancy
  • Women after weight loss
  • Natural process of the years
  • Wanting to narrow the areola or nipple

Breast Lift – degrees

The sagging breast has varying degrees of fall, as described below.


Grade I

Ptosis, Moderate

It is characterized by a somewhat fallen nipple and the height of the submammary furrow. The breast is empty in the part of the upper segment, therefore its correction, consists of the placement of a breast implant and the upper cutaneous resection.

Grade II

Advanced Ptosis

The nipple is dropped between 1 and 2 centimeters below the breast furrow. As in the previous typology, the upper segment of the breast is empty and the lowering of the breast polarizes to the lower portion. For its correction, a vertical skin resection and elevation of the areola will be necessary to its highest position.

Grade III


In this case the nipple is dropped 4 centimeters below the breast furrow. Practically all of the breast is polarized in the lower proportion, and there is an excess of skin in the lower part of the breast. In this case, its correction is also to perform a higher cutaneous resection, but in turn, it will be necessary another vertical and horizontal in the form of inverted “T”

Before the breast lift

Check the training, certification and operations performed by your surgeon before submitting to a breast lift intervention

The members recognized by SECPRE the national level or at the international level ASPS Dr. Garcia-Dihinx, assure us that they have experience and qualification to perform any plastic surgery such as breast lift.

As in any surgical intervention provided, a number of prior consultations will be necessary for the Operation Sagging Chest. In order to ensure optimal results and patient satisfaction, your surgeon must perform:

  • A detailed study of your personal and family history.
  • An analytical study of the breast, and a mammogram or nuclear magnetic resonance MRI scan to rule out the existence of cystic masses or tumoural sinuses.
  • Basic preoperative tests to know the extent of the patient’s health.
  • It is always advisable to carry out photographs in order to study: mammary asymmetries, the degree of breast drop, the base of implantation of the breast and a study of the topography of the breast. In this way, the sinus lift can be carried out using the most suitable technique and conclude with a satisfactory mastopexy.

In the case of Dr. Garcia-Dihinx, we can reach Make an approximation of how the breast lift will be Before performing any intervention. And the patient can see the appearance of the result before being operated by a technological system available to the clinic.

The experience and know-how of Dr. Garcia Dihinx that only the years give, are two key factors to know what will be the result of the operation just take a look at the patient at the first consultation.

Breast Lift – Consultation

How will be your first consultation with Dr. Garcia-Dihinx on breast elevation

During your consultation with Dr. Garcia-Dihinx try to clarify the possibilities that exist to fulfill your desires and objectives. From abreast lift, to an elevation with breast augmentation, the Doctor tries to give you a clearer understanding of these two procedures in order to meet your needs and expectations. In addition, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you have about breast lift, such as (Mastopexy-Scars) A very common doubt. It is advisable that in your first consultation you bring written questions and have a general idea about the procedure of breast lift, so that you can learn and make the most of the game during your visit with Dr. Garcia-Dihinx. During the fall chest operation consultation you will be able to see the numerous photographs that the doctor has about the different types, shapes and sizes of breasts in order to determine which type of chest you find most attractive. Dr. Garcia-Dihinx has over 30 years of experience and knows that looking through these photographs is a much more useful value for you, helping you to determine the size, shape, place and shape you want to get.

In addition, during the consultation you will have the opportunity to discuss with Dr. Garcia-Dihinx issues such as the price of the Mastopexy y And the duration of the surgery Breast lift. Remember that the Mastopexy Price it will depend on the experience of the surgeon, the type of procedure performed, the surgical facilities, and the quality of breast implants in the case of chest augmentation. It is important to carry out an investigation into the procedure and evaluate the different possibilities before making the final decision.

Benefits of performing a mastopexy

Benefits for the person

Mastopexy It is the operation of cosmetic surgery that is done to restore the sagging breast and make its appearance younger.

The main benefits for which Perform a breast lift are the following:

  • Regain self-confidence.

Breast lifts are usually performed on women who age or by the same passage of time, for breastfeeding or for other reasons suffer from the natural fall of the breast.

Submitting to a mastopexy helps us to recover confidence and security With our body and feel again beautiful. To be able to wear necklines, to go to the beach or to wear tight clothing without complexes helps us to recover the security in ourselves and to regain our self-esteem.

  • What is the purpose of a mastopexy.

The main objective is to recover a firm and without sagging breast. It is recommended in women who have the nipple at the same height or below the submammary furrow. It may be convenient with the loss of form that is suffering after a pregnancy or after breastfeeding.

In all cases we recover a young chest that brings us femininity and beauty.

  • You’ll feel good.  

You’ll feel you’ve taken years off. They will improve your social relations and with your partner. You will regain the illusion by wearing some clothes or wearing necklines.

Benefits of operating with us

  • The best professionals in cosmetic surgery.

To the head is the Dr. García-Dihinx, a recognized professional in the field of cosmetic surgery that guarantees experience, professionalism and human quality.. With her, a large number of professionals who will take care of you and will be watching over you throughout the process.

  • A hospital that everybody knows, the Qhiron.

We all recognize him, because we have heard him speak well. This hospitable center can find it in different cities of all Spain. Its name is associated with cared facilities, latest technologies and a human team that will make your stay much more bearable.

  • Painless recovery.

Having done a large number of these surgeries we can say that It is an operation that does not involve just pain.
Having done a large number of these surgeries we can say that It is an operation that does not involve just pain. Perhaps a burning sensation that should not worry you as the doctor will prescribe the necessary medicines to avoid any inconvenience.

How your life will change after a mastopexy

  • You’ll be happier. 

Whether we want to or not, seeing each other well is a decisive factor in order to have a full and happy life. Looking in the mirror and seeing it is essential to be able to live healthily. Complexes are problems that can seriously affect our daily lives. So if this is your case, Once you make this mastoplexia you will feel much more comfortable with yourself.

  • It’ll improve your life.

Satisfaction is something we have verified that all our patients have after a mastoplexia. All agree that they are happy to have done this treatment because the results have made them feel much better with their physical appearance.

Breast Lift – Testimonials

Mastopexy patient with breast augmentation to resolve sagging breasts

had my first consultation with Dr. Garcia-Dihinx in the year 2012 and instead of wanting my money, I advised to mount my family first, as it was something I had in mind. Years later after having my son, I returned to contact the doctor as we spoke in the year 2012.

In my last consultation before proceeding to the mastopexy, I provide a detailed list of things that should be done and prepared before and after the breast lift. Also I explained in detail as was going to solve my problem of sagging chest. I also explain the different types and prosthesis marks That would better suit my body.

Something I really liked about the doctor was its closeness. After the operation, I facilitated his private number, and told me to call her if at any time I needed it, and so it was. No matter what time I called her, nor if it was the weekend, Dr. Garcia-Dihinx was there to answer my questions and I was very reassured. To know that in the recovery I was not alone I facilitated much my early recovery.

To this day I look in the mirror every morning and I’m thrilled, all thanks to Dr. Garcia-Dihinx.

.- Almudena | Zaragoza

Mastopexy with ptosthesis


Frequently Asked Questions mastopexy

The following questions and answers will give you an idea of the most common concerns of breast lift patients

The improvement of the technique by Dr. García-Dihinx has made the scars virtually invisible. In general, the scars have an initial period in which they will be red and then evolve to clearer shades to pass unnoticed in the skin, so they are virtually unnoticed. The most normal thing is that there is a scar around the areola, just at the limit, so it is disguised, as well as a vertical one and another in the breast furrow. Scarring will depend on the size of the breasts, the technique used, and the healing that each person experiences. Postoperative care will be very important, in our clinic you will receive all the necessary advice to make the healing effective and do not have to worry about the appearance of the scars.

In our clinic we have perfected the technique to shorten the postoperative periods, so that it is as bearable as possible for the patient. They are normal a first few hours in which you will be sore and tired, but from the second day improves the situation, will take place the first cure and will use a bra compressive you carry for a month. In a week, with the withdrawal of the points, the patient will be able to make a relatively normal life, although avoiding to exert physical efforts.

Our patients barely express complaint for pain in the postoperative, yes a nuisance and a slight burning. In addition, the follow-up made by our doctor makes it always guiding and advising the patient administering analgesics or antibiotics if some pain appears. Today, postoperative pain is not something to worry about, in fact, our work of improving the technique has been marked to reduce and improve the postoperative by maintaining the guarantee of a natural result./span>

Yes. When an elevation of a small and fallen chest is done it is very common to place an implant to have a firm and good size breast.

In principle it is not advisable to breastfeed after a mastopexy operation, although it will depend on the case and there are women who have normal breastfeeding after intervention. However, if the areola and nipple are to be repositioned next to the mammary gland, the milk duct and the drainage of the milk are interrupted, so there is a risk of not being able to offer breastfeeding.

TAfter a few weeks in which there may be some numbness and burning, then there is a relatively normal sensitivity, it will depend also on the sensitivity that was previously and the technique used.

It is always advisable to wait until the woman has fully developed the breast having exceeded puberty. That is to say, the ideal is always from 18-20 years, without there being a limit for excess of age. Sometimes younger girls are operated by an excessive volume of breasts, but they are very punctual cases./span>

For all types of interventions in the chest always take into account the position of departure and the proportions of the patient. Logically, the mastopexy will be carried out taking into account the wishes of the patient, the doctor always advises on the basis of her knowledge and previous experience, it is in the coincidence of both decisions and in making an intervention in a consensual way where the success of the intervention resides.

Yes, in fact it is a very common motive and it is proven that a large and fallen breasts are very often the cause of back pains, giving rise to alterations in the spine, so it is always possible to raise a breast reduction for back pain.

Dr. García-Dihinx operates in the Quiron clinic, technologically well equipped, with all the innovations and with a team dedicated exclusively and professional of ample experience.

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That mentor is a world leader in breast implants manufacturing it’s no coincidence. For more than 30 years they work with the highest manufacturing security to achieve excellence.

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Dithesis Diagon of Polytech, sophisticated implants that have double gel diagonally for a better adaptation of the breast, and avoid displacement and breast encapsulation.

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Security Quirón

All my patients are operated on breast augmentations at the prestigious Chiron Clinic in Zaragoza. I have been practicing for more than 9 years as director of the cosmetic and repair plastic surgery unit.

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