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Breast reduction


Breast reduction is cosmetic surgery that reforms the size and shape of breasts

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LDr. Garcia-Dihinx performs a series of breast reduction every month. These operations of Breast reduction, may vary from patients with extremely large breasts (gigantomastia), who only need to ascend the tissue.

Breast reduction or Breast reduction It is of the longest processes within the mammary surgery. This process is usually between three and five hours and it is necessary to do so at a hospital. The techniques used for breast reduction are very varied, looking for all of them a high position of the areola, as well as a narrowing of the base to achieve a natural shape. The surgery consists of removing skin, gland and fat, mobilizing the mammary areola to its new position. The end of the intervention is very common to make a supposition in the axillary area, in order to reduce the fatty accumulations that confer a broad-based breast aspect.

It is an operation that offers excellent results to those women who decide to submit to it, because normally women who have too big breasts, also usually have fallen. Therefore, when they undergo a reduction of breast, not only reduce the size of the breast, but also have a breast more turgid, elevated and rejuvenated, giving an aesthetically very improved image.

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Breast Reduction – what is it?

Breast reduction tries to give a volume provided to those women who have a voluminous breast

The Breast reduction, technically called breast reduction is the surgical procedure aimed at Reduce the glands, fatty tissue and skin that surrounds them, forming a smaller breast, higher, more tense and more harmonized.

The aim of all Breast reduction is to reduce the size of the breasts and give it a nice way for them to be Provided with the rest of the body. The benefits of this treatment are very predictable, and we can ensure that The physical burden will be alleviated, as well as the Emotional state For having the breasts too big.

This operation also has a very practical and functional component, because women who have too big breasts, often have problems when it comes to sports or exercising that require quick and agile mobility. That’s why they need to buy special and tight fasteners, which are not always comfortable and make the practice of physical exercise less fun and more annoying. With a chest reduction, those problems will disappear.

Breast reduction also improves or even eliminates back pain and other discomfort associated with having a breast too big. The woman can wear bras and bikinis that adapt to her new breasts, with which she will feel better, and stop being the center of all eyes and comments.

Although aesthetic change is very significant, women who undergo this intervention tend to adapt very quickly to their new anatomy and body dimensions. It costs them much less work to dress, to play sports or to wear tight clothes that they could not use before.


Duration: 3-4 Hours
Hospitalization: 1 Day
Anesthesia: General
Recovery: 2-3 Month.

She makes an online diagnosis 100% free in Clínica García-Dihinx and receives a first assessment.

Breast reduction is the second most practiced intervention after abdominal repair. You can correct the size of the breasts At any age, both for young women and for menopause.

Unfortunately, there is no medical treatment to treat breast reduction and Only a plastic surgery can treat To patients suffering from this physical and psychic discomfort.

Breast Reduction – What drives us?

Breast reduction treatment helps all women who are somehow not comfortable.

    • Back or neck pains.
    • Irritation under the breasts.
    • Breathing difficulties.
    • Numbness of the breasts by weight.
    • Socialization problems.
    • Inability to perform sport.

Breast Reduction – Considerations

The success of the breast reduction operation depends on the surgeon’s experience, skill and skill.

The percentage of Success is high, but the results of the breast reduction operation are optimal months after the procedure, that is to say that until the inflammation is resolved, the maturity of the scar is established and the breast tissue is softened we cannot terminate the process.

The final results are spectacular and the change is amazing. Now you can look in the mirror without feeling any kind of complex and liking yourself. You will stop having back pain because of too big breasts, you can be more agile and quick, dress without difficulty and wear those tight clothes that you could not use before.

Breast Reduction Pros


    • Your breasts will have a more proportionate appearance, will be firmer and within the possibilities you can choose your size.
    • Breast reduction surgery relieves neck, shoulder, and back pain that causes excess weight of large breasts.
    • You will be able to exercise and daily tasks more easily without suffering the impediment that causes too voluminous breasts.
    • The clothes will sit much better and you will feel better emotionally. Being able to wear standard-size garments will make you have many more choices in the choice and especially that you feel more beautiful, improving your self-esteem.




    • Possible decreased sensitivity in the areola and nipple although the usual is that if this happens is solved after a while.
    • Breastfeeding can be a problem, although it depends on the approach and the skill and experience of the surgeon.

Breast reduction surgery should be performed by a specialist physician, and with experience in this type of surgery, like Dr. Garcia-Dihinx and his team, it will not trigger serious complications, however and regardless of the dexterity of the surgeon can be presented: partial or total necrosis of the areola, loss of lactation, loss of sensation in the areola, adiponecrosis , and formation of hypertrophic or keloid scar. That is why we must take into account the expertise, practice and training that our surgeon has.

The Pain secondary to intervention is low to moderate and vanish with the ingestion of classic painkillers. The patient should avoid strong physical activity for a few months after breast reduction intervention. The disorders of the areola at sensitivity level can occur but it is normal, transient, and almost always disappears after several weeks.

The length of the scars of the breast incision varies depending on the size of the correction, of the amount of skin that must be dependant on a reduced volume. The scar is in the lower part of the breast and can be vertical or inverted “T”, the surgeon will make the incisions so that they are as invisible as possible and obviously ask the patient to avoid exposure to the sun during the first year and then make the application of creams a high sunscreen.

Breast Reduction-intervention

Women who decide to do a breast reduction often wonder about the surgeon’s performance.

The procedure is always under General Anesthesia and hospitalization is one or two days, depending on the case. A pre-operative evaluation is established with the surgeon and a visit with the anesthesiologist at least 48 hours prior to the procedure. Once you have verified that everything is perfect for access to the operating room.

The glandular excess that is eliminated is sent to perform a systematic protocol analysis. The remaining breast glands are concentrated to obtain a well proportionate, natural and harmonious form of the breasts.

The Areolas are often reduced And they are placed in the aesthetic place. The doctor proceeds to Lift the skin of the breast And to remove the excess.

is placed a Drainage for one or two days, and a Compression bandage Moderate, which is removed the day after the breast reduction operation.

A Special Bra To keep the dressings tight the first few days (sport bra type) adapted to the new situation, it should be Used for several weeks Especially for comfort.

Benefits of breast reduction

Benefits for the person

When a woman evaluates to undergo a breast reduction it is clear that she has a problem with her breast size. In addition to aesthetics, this type of problem causes women to develop back and cervical problems.

So today we want to tell you what benefits a breast reduction operation will bring to your life:

    • Better quality of life..

Because of all the physical problems that can cause the breasts too large, after this intervention the health of your body will improve. You’ll feel your back and your cervicals are less loaded.

    • High self-esteem, a symptom of happiness.

Happiness has to do with a person’s self-esteem. The better you get to feel about yourself, the better your life in general. 

Breast reduction surgery is one of the most appreciated Because in addition to looking good for you in quality of life.

    • Por qué es fundamental la reducción de pecho.

It is for those women who because of the size of their breasts have limitations or health problems. Dressing in a certain way or even wearing a bikini can be a frustrating task for them. For this reason it is possible to develop a feeling of emotional distress that prevents them from feeling good about themselves. 

    • You’ll start to like it more.

With this operation you will not only get to reduce chest but also will see a much higher breasts and a bust more consistent with your silhouette. All this will make you feel much happier.

Benefits of operating with us

    • Dra. García-Dihinx, a great expert.

More than 30 years in the field of cosmetic surgery, recognized by all professionals in the sector and with a high success rate in each treatment. You will be able to check the opinions of other patients who have already been put in their hands.

    • Hospital Quiron, a renowned hospital.

We all like to operate in a place that has everything necessary for our needs when dealing with surgery. Quiron Hospital is one of those centers; They will solve all your concerns with their qualified staff and their facilities will make you feel comfortable at all times.

    • Recovery with tracking. 

We do not leave you alone before, even for much less after submitting to this treatment. After 48 hours you will feel much better and you will be able to start to make a normal life, even if, at first, very carefully.

We take care of fixing and transmitting all the guidelines to follow in the days after, as well as the medication and the painkillers if necessary.

How your life will change after the operation

You’ll solve back problems.

This is one of the main benefits you will get after this operation. Of course, you’re also going to look better, but also, You’re going to feel great relief at health level And that’s priceless. 

    • Greater security in yourself. 

From now on it will not be a problem to find bras, t-shirts, dresses, jackets, … Everything you couldn’t wear before, will now become your favorite clothes.

Breast Reduction – Testimonials

Patient operated breast reduction with Dra. García-Dihinx

After To consider breast reduction throughout my life, I finally decided to have an appointment with Dr. Garcia-Dihinx. I remember to perform a search on Google and after comparing the different opinions of the different surgeons of Zaragoza knew that the doctor would be one of those who had to visit.

From the first phone call, I knew I was making the right choice, at the Garcia-Dihinx clinic, the staff is very professional and made me feel comfortable. I was very nervous about all the things I had read about the breast reduction, especially the cons, so I decided to get in his hands for his 30 years of experience and because he is the director of Clínica Quiron of Zaragoza.

I am delighted with the look of my breasts, I do not think I could have a better result of breast reduction, both in size and shape and health. I’ve never felt so safe, and healthy as I feel today. Thank you, Doctor!

.- Daiana | Zaragoza

Breast reduction



Frequently asked questions breast reduction

The following questions and answers will give you an idea of the most common concerns of breast reduction patients.

There is no age limit, because during the 30 years of experience of Dr. García-Dihinx has operated patients over 40 and 50 years. The fall of the breasts by aging and pregnancy and that the back is resented are factors that make the operation necessary.

These are the same possibilities that if no reduction intervention is done, there is no increase in incidences when breast surgery is performed.

In most cases it is only a nuisance that lasts the hours after the intervention. In our clinic, the perfection of the technique has made that from 24-48 hours the patient can perform almost normal life and in the first week to rejoin the work.

In the first place, the wishes of the patient are taken into account, but we also have to assess their proportions and the starting situation. A first study assesses the shape, size, quality of the skin, symmetry and studies the thorax. Based on the study of the measures it is advisable to reduce to an approximate size to make the final decision in a consensual way with the patient. A photo shoot with a number of projections can be assessed beforehand how the final result will be.

To remove excess skin and reposition the areola are necessary scars, they remain around the areola, in the breast furrow and a vertical. Our treatments have evolved greatly in minimizing the impact of scars that end up being virtually invisible. If the woman has a good scarring, it will be disguised with the skin. In addition, the sutures are getting better and after removing the stitches it is improved with a treatment that causes the initial redness to be disguised.

The reduction not only makes the chest reduce its size, the breast will be more round, elevated and firm. In addition to reducing the volume of the breast is repositioned so you can see a full neckline. In the final appearance will also influence the type of breast, the glandular are more tense, while fatty predominance, are softer to the touch.

You must set the period to have an almost definitive result in 3 months, but after a month the chest will be swollen, you have no points or discomfort. At three months the result will be close to the definitive and only the scars will continue to evolve in a somewhat slower process towards their final reduction.

If you lose more than 10 kilos if you could lose some volume in the breasts, mainly if your moms have a higher prevalence of fatty tissue, the same happens if you get fat, but in small variations in weight will not have problem.

Breast reduction leads to a reduction in weight and relief. The cause of back pain may not be the big chest, but most women see reduced pain.

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