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Tuberous breasts

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One of the most challenging and gratifying surgeries of breast cosmetic surgery is the correction of tuberous breasts or tubular breasts.

The operation of tuberous breast, is a challenge for the surgeon, as these cases require a great technical skill and artistic vision, to achieve the most rewarding and beautiful result. Gratifying, because patients who undergo this tubular breast procedure, see surgery as a transformative experience in terms of the positive effect on their self-confidence, self-esteem and quality of life.

Talk about the tuberous breast procedure, it may seem simple, as this procedure tries to make a breast augmentation through a peri-areolar incision with the expansion of the lower pole of the breasts and the surgical citoreducción of the herniated tissue of the areola and nipple.

However in the operating room, such maneuvers require considerable skill and experience on the part of the surgeon. Such aptitudes will achieve the result you have in mind, an expected result, without surgical complications.

For more than 30 years, Dr. García-Dihinx performs tuberous breast correction surgery. His incomes and experience with the best surgeons worldwide make him one of the surgeons best valued in Spain. But what really sets you apart from other surgeons is the quality and achievement of the most positive results for your patients.

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Tuberous Breasts – What is it?

The breast tuberous as its name indicates, is a breast with an anomalous shape and tube.

Tuberous breast malformation occurs during the development of the same. In this case, instead of a round growth of the chest, it only makes it forward from the areola itself, without dragging the lower and middle part of the breast.

For this reason, the final aspect that remains when this development ends is that of a tubular shaped breast, too separated from each other, with a too large aura, and usually falls downwards, because the lower pole is very short.

Between the malformations of the breasts, Tuberous breasts have a great physical and psychological impact on young women. Beyond the aspect that can cause psychosocial disorders and personality complexes, so is in any aspect of femininity.

There are many women who come to us to look for a solution to this problem. The breast is the main symbol of womanhood for women, and A tuberous breast makes many women want to undergo a surgical operation so that their mother has another aspect, and feel more feminine.

Currently, the problem of tuberous breasts is a situation that looks a lot. Perhaps because today is more normal or women have decided to step forward in this sense, but the truth is that women are increasingly coming to our clinics with this problem

Tuberous breasts are no more prone to breast cancer formation


Duration: 1-2 Hours
Hospitalization: 1 Day
Anesthesia: General
Recovery: 2-3 Week

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The tuberous breasts, they are named because they are tube-shaped, that is to say that they are the basis is Close And the Way Elongated. The basic point to understand because they are formed in this way, is very easy to understand if we imagine that, there is a narrowing “ring” at the base of the chest and generates a constriction that prevents it from expanding, so it grows outward creating that tubular form of the breast. In turn this narrowing or “ring” of the base makes the gland push to the areola contributing to the increase in areolar size.

In a very high percentage of cases, these tuberous breasts are often also asymmetric, since a breast has a degree of development greater or less than the other, causing very significant differences between them. Also on some occasions, a breast presents this anomaly, but the other has a normal appearance.

In order to correct this type of breast, it is very important to diagnose them correctly, which is unlikely to occur when the defect is almost imperceptible. So imperceptible that, in fact, many of the women who come to our clinics for breast augmentation, have a tuberous breast and do not know it.

This birth defect was described for the first time in 1976 and is quite common. No specific causes are known to cause this deformity. Research is still quite vague, and the diagnosis occurs during adolescence when disorders in breast growth appear.

Tuberous breast correction surgery is often used in young patients who have experienced their breast growth in a catastrophic and traumatic way. These patients can be operated at the end of puberty.

En un porcentaje de casos muy alto, estas mamas tuberosas suelen ser además asimétricas, ya que una mama tiene un grado de desarrollo mayor o menor que la otra, provocando diferencias muy significativas entre ellas. También en algunas ocasiones, una mama presenta esta anomalía, pero la otra tiene un aspecto normal.

Para poder corregir este tipo de mamas, es muy importante diagnosticarlas de forma correcta, lo cual difícilmente va a ocurrir cuando el defecto es casi imperceptible. Tan imperceptible que, de hecho, muchas de las mujeres que vienen a nuestras clínicas para un aumento de pecho, tienen una mama tuberosa y no lo saben.

Este defecto de nacimiento fue descrito por primera vez en 1976 y es bastante común. No se conocen causas concretas que provoquen esta deformidad. Las investigaciones son todavía bastante vagas, y el diagnóstico se presenta durante la adolescencia cuando aparecen los trastornos en el crecimiento del pecho.

La intervención quirúrgica de corrección de mamas tuberosas está destinada a menudo en las pacientes jóvenes, que han vivido su crecimiento de la mama de forma catastrófica y traumática. Estas pacientes pueden ser operadas en el extremo de la pubertad.

Tubular breasts – What are they like?

The tuberous breasts, they are named because they are tube-shaped, that is to say that they are the base is narrow and the shape elongated

  • Tube-shaped and non-rounded breast.
  • Mammary asymmetry in 66% cases.
  • Breast base narrow and/or undeveloped.
  • Areola and large, swollen or herniated nipple.
  • Little or no skin between lower edge and areola.
  • Considerable separation of the breasts.

Tuberous Breasts-Different Degrees

Tuberous Breast deformity can be classified by the most normal system of “von Heimburg”

Tuberosity Grade 1

  • Considered as a mild degree.
  • Considered as a mild degree.
  • Areola looks down.
  • Corresponds to 56% of the cases.

Tuberosity Grade 2

  • Considered as moderate grade.
  • Lack of development external bottom of the breast.
  • Extremely large areola.
  • Corresponds to 28% of the cases.

Tuberosity Grade 3

  • Considered as moderate.
  • Skin deficiency in the Subareolar region.
  • The lower quadrant of the chest is limited.
  • Dilated Areola.

Tuberosity Grade 4

  • Considered as severe degree.
  • Four Mamary quadrants are affected and atrophic.
  • The areola is herniated in most cases.
  • Corresponds to 75% of the cases.

Tuberous Breasts-Testimonials

The different opinions of the breast operated patients tuberous by Dr. Garcia-Dihinx

Like many other women who suffer from tuberous breasts, I felt an inadequate woman. Without going into too many details, the general norms we understand as inadequate to have tuberous breasts, and this affected me in all aspects of life, most of my own anxiety and depression problems were wrapped in the negative image of my body, which in turn was directly related to the tuberous chest. I was ashamed of my nakedness, and this was to avoid intimate relationships. Looking back I doi realize, that I wasn’t living and I don’t know how I could live like this.

The decision to start investigating the tuberous breasts was not easy, but after all I did not want to be tried again and I really felt that it was right for me as well as physically and mentally. Today I am very happy, from the first moment I went to the consultation with Dr. Garcia-Dihinx. The doctor, not only knew what was medically wrong with my breasts, but also understood perfectly the psychological tensions I suffered.

I never felt like the doctor was pushing me or selling new. I totally trusted your hands on decisions regarding size and volume.

I must say I never trusted myself, nor was I happy. Dr. Garcia-Dihinx, did a perfect job, and finally I have the breasts that Mother Nature did not want to give me. I am completely proportionate and very natural. The recovery of tuberous breasts, was very fast, thanks to his great ability, and all the cases of tuberous breast that he had performed.

I recommend that you encourage to visit the consultation of Dr. Garcia-Dihinx any woman who suffers from breast tuberosa. She truly changed my life, for allowing me to have a healthy relationship with myself, getting to improve all aspects of my life.


.- Maria | Zaragoza

Correction of tuberous breasts


Benefits Tuberous Breast Surgery

Benefits for the person

There are many women with tuberous breasts. These are breasts that can produce a physical and psychological problem for them. These breasts present a congenital malformation that is discovered when the development ends. More and more women come to us to solve this problem and start to feel better about themselves.

Let’s see the main advantages of doing this operation.

  • Be and feel good about yourself.

Getting naked or looking in the mirror when you don’t like what you see can really be a problem. He only understands who’s been around.

  • What do we achieve by operating our tuberous breasts?

We get the desired shape, the one we feel is the “normal”. More and more women are giving the definitive step and are encouraged to come to our consultation interested in this type of treatment.

For each of them we create a personalized study informing all the solutions that we have. Personalized treatment is essential for the patient to feel comfortable and safe at all times.

  • Recover confidence.

Operate in order to get the shape of our chest that we want is an important step. With this we make our femininity look reinforced and trust in ourselves.

Benefits of operating with us

  • The place is important.

Quiron Hospital has a long history in our country. We can find it in different cities. Their facilities and staff will make us feel comfortable during our stay. Knowing where we are going to undergo surgery can provide security and confidence.

  • Who will operate me?

Dr. García-Dihinx is an expert who enjoys doing what she likes most, aesthetic treatments. With a trajectory of more than thirty years it is recognized by its work and its good doing. To put you in his hands is, without a doubt, a success.

  • What the post-op is like.

It will depend on each particular case and the type of surgery you need. But recoveries are much better when we have specialists who will tell us what to do at all times. If we follow all the recommendations the postoperative of tuberous breasts will be like any other intervention.

How your life will change after the operation

  • You’ll be much happier.

Living in a body with a complex is complicated. So once you face the problem and want to put solutions everything will be much easier and start a different time for you. To finish You will see results And that’s when you’ll feel much happier than before.

  • It’s going to improve your life, especially the staff.

Having tuberous breasts can see your personal relationships affected, especially in the sexual field. From submitting to this surgery you will be able to enjoy much more of the intimate moments and you will feel much more feminine and sure of yourself. That way you will dramatically improve your intimate relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions Tuberous Breasts

The following questions and answers will give you an idea of the most common concerns of tuberous breast patients

The tubular breast is a type of malformation in the chest with insufficient development of the lower chest area, in some cases with fall and herniation of the areola, which is usually disproportionately large. They exist from almost invaluable degrees with the especially drastic ones. The tuberous breast is given by the increase in density of the subcutaneous and mammary tissue forming a bridle that prevents the normal development of the breast, which only grows forwards and ends up falling.

As long as the patient is worried and the tuberous breast is a problem, the intervention will be indicated. Sometimes complex cases of tuberosity occur, but it is usually one of the most gratifying interventions, since the patient gains security and self-esteem, loses the initial complex.

In breast malformations, tuberous breast is the most frequent. In fact, around 20% of women usually have some type of anomaly, the most common being tuberous breast, although there are women who are not aware of it.

Normally it is detected in the form, if the woman does not know that he/she has the tubular breast, if it will notice that it has something strange in the form of her mother, being able to see it “ugly”, “rare” or “weevil”. It is true that there are cases of previous consultations with the gynecologist that can be categorized as normal, because they do not have the necessary training to make a diagnosis of this type.

It is common, we often find patients who come to our query thinking that they only need a volume increase, but what really happens is that they have a tubular breast with a need for volume and a problem of form.

There are cases where yes, but in most cases it is advisable to use an anatomical implant to give the necessary volume and offer the breast a more natural. Information on the Breast prosthesis labels

The work with the scars has advanced much and is camouflaged between the skin, gradually losing the reddish color and not usually a problem. The points are removed last one week of the intervention and from there begins a treatment with oils and silicone patches to go desinflamándose.

Only at the beginning because of the inflammation, but gradually recovering, so you should not worry if in the first few days after the intervention you lost sensitivity.

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All my patients are operated on breast augmentations at the prestigious Chiron Clinic in Zaragoza. I have been practicing for more than 9 years as director of the cosmetic and repair plastic surgery unit.

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