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The facelift is designed to reduce the signs of aging and to have a more youthful and natural appearance

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No other facial Plastic surgery has a wider face effect than facial lifting. You will be surprised how cosmetic surgery restores the contour of the face with natural-looking results. In Clínica García-Dihinx There are several different types of cosmetic surgery procedures, some of which will benefit you more than others depending on the specific factors of your individual case.

If you want a full face rejuvenation, there is no surgical replacement for the facelift. The lifting procedure fights the effects of aging on all fronts, eliminates excess fat, tightens the muscles and softens the skin.

The facelift is a procedure that is used to eliminate sagging of the skin in the face, chin and neck, getting a younger and fresher appearance. In addition, other procedures can be performed at the same a facelift. Blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, or forehead lift are some of the procedures that are performed as a complement to the facelift.

Most facelift patients are men and women over 40 years old. As long as you have a good health, no matter how old you are to perform a facelift and return to a much more youthful appearance. The facelift is one of the procedures of facial surgery preferred by Dr. García-Dihinx, thanks to her great skill and ability.

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Facelift – what is it?

The facelift helps rejuvenate and can appear to be up to 15 years younger.


Duration:3-5 Hours
Hospitalization:1-2 Days
Recovery: 1-2 Month.

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The Facelift, it is aimed at treating the gravitational signs, the nasolabial folds, the sun damage and the fall of the cheekbones, cheeks and mandibular areas associated with the passage of the years. The facelift eliminates both Men and women, excess skin, tense the underlying tissues, and muscles of the skin of the face and neck. Every year thousands of people undergo this facelift surgery successfully and Very happy With the results obtained.

Facelift – What drives us?

When we still feel young and want our appearance to continue to it.

    • Reverse the signs of aging in the face.
    • Improve socially and psychologically.
    • When the solar exposure to past bill.
    • Sagging of the skin in the nasolabial folds.
    • Double chin due to loose skin.

Facial Lifting considerations

If you are looking for a natural and youthful appearance the facelift is the best treatment of facial cosmetic surgery.

Benefits of Facelift


    • The facelift can Improve many areas of the face in a single surgery. When you find yourself in the same area, you can work different aspects without damaging the recovery times or the end result.


    • can make you rejuvenecer 10 or 15 years old. The signs of aging age more than the passage of time, with this technique you can feel younger inside and out.


    • Can Remodel the neck and jaw Better than any other technique. By stretching the tissues, you can modify the shape of these areas, avoiding other surgeries with more risks.


Desventajas Lifting Facial


    • You’re not going to be a new person, just a Younger person.


    • You’ll have to take A few days without doing anything. It takes a period of recovery that is not painful, but it can be annoying when dealing with the face, one of the most delicate areas of our body.


    • Depending on the age and type of skin, you may need a second surgery. It is necessary to take into account the condition of the skin at the time of performing the first operation so that the surgeon will inform you of the results that are expected and if there will be need to perform any subsequent surgery. This is usual when the signs of age are very pronounced, as you cannot rebuild everything at once.

Post-op facelift

The finishing of facelift surgery resides in a great measure of post-operative care.

In the first week


You may experience a little tightness in your neck for the first two days. The inflammation lasts about two weeks, during which time it will be necessary to reduce its social and labor activities. During the first postoperative visit, the surgeon will remove the bandages, although an elastic bandage may be placed on the face for safety and support, if this is the case, the specialist will give you the instructions on how to proceed in the following days.

It is important that during the first two weeks the patient sleeps with his head elevated, advising himself to put on some more pillow to achieve a posture of forty degrees of inclination. You should also avoid bending or lifting heavy objects during the first week and must always run away from the heat so that the swelling does not remain. The points will usually be removed 10 days after the operation.


Until the month and a half or two months.


Although after two weeks you can already have a more or less normal life, it is not advisable to do activities that require a great effort or aquatic type until after the month and a half or two months.

During this time you will be able to resume your usual posture, although it is not recommended to sleep upside down. In addition, cautions with excessive sunlight should be extreme because it hurts healing. To avoid this, before going out to the street do not forget to apply a sunscreen cream of at least factor 30, because the skin will be more sensitive than before performing the intervention and may appear burns or take a darker and very unnatural pigmentation.

Depending on the type of work you do you will be able to join your post in one time or another, but at least you will need the first two weeks of recovery.

Keep in mind that this intervention can be done to men and women, indiscriminately and that we are offering general information. To know the personal details of your case it is best to go directly to the clinic to be informed of all this. Not only do you have to take into account the sex of the person you want to operate, but the type of skin and its condition. Therefore, it is best to go to an expert who will make us a personalized study.

Facelift – Testimonial

Patient satisfaction is the result of a life dedicated to cosmetic surgery.

I am addressing the García-Dihinx Clinic team for their help in making such an important decision in life regarding facelift surgery. The clear and concise explanation of the processes, procedures and general expectations were paramount in my decision-making.

Each stage, from the first consultation, through the operation, the post-operative visits, in my opinion, were excellent. Also as the doctor told me, the post-op was practically painless. It must be said that I continued to the letter the instructions that I indicated.

The transformation and the end result were better than I expected and I am very excited to have made this decision in my life. In the post-op I decided not to see my grandchildren for a season, until fully cured, and never forget the first words of my grandson to see me “Grandma, has the new face again.”

Finally, I would like to thank the doctor for the work she has done and for having exceeded my expectations. Without hesitation I would put it in his hands.


.- Pilar | Zaragoza



FAQs Facelift

The following questions and answers will give you an idea of the most common concerns of facelift patients.

The result will always depend on the characteristics of each patient as their bone structure or skin, but we can set the duration in approximately 10 years, although logically the passage of time will be noticed. Yes, it is important to make a facelift that is as natural as possible, following the natural vectors of the skin so that the new aging is also as natural as possible without generating strange expressions or expressive and artificial faces, that is something that our surgeon takes a long time studying so that the evolution of the face maintains that naturalness , it should be taken into account that the facelift produces a rejuvenation, but it should not pretend that the posterior ageing continues.

The ideal and what we recommend in our clinic is to stay admitted during the night of the operation and to leave the following day, since after a facelift it is advisable to remain at rest a few hours to avoid oscillations of the arterial tension and possible bruises.

In 3-4 days you can make normal life, so that in that period you have to decrease the activity, but that yes, after the rest of the first day, after the second day of postoperative it is advisable to move something, being able to introduce a walk. Of course you have to add that in the first days the face remains inflamed, so if this affects you in the face of your social and work life is likely that up to 10-15 days you can not return completely to normal, also depend on the type of facelift you have done.

No, since the scar always goes on the hairline and in the back-ear area, it is hidden and is of good quality.

The expression does not change, reposition the tissues and get rejuvenated, you’ll have a fresher air in your face, but you will remain you, should not notice a face operated and therefore the expression should not change.

Since the facelift is correcting the signs of aging will have to wait for signs of aging, it is estimated that between 45 and 50 years is a good time to see if it is advisable to perform a facelift. However, depending on the characteristics of the tissues, each person is different and will be performed when there are signs of flaccidity in the face, loss of facial oval and mandibular line. Yes, it is better to do it soon than later, before reaching a very obvious signs of ageing, as the result is better if elasticity is retained.

There are many people who repeat the experience of the facelift for their result and because it can be done at various times. It is important to know that the goal is not to stretch to leave the face completely smooth and without expression, the mission is to correct the flaccidity and the fall of the tissues, nor can we pretend to maintain a young image all life based on lifting. The facelift should always seek to maintain harmony and natural expression. The maximum number of repetitions is not fixed, it will always be depending on each case.

Dr. Garcia-Dihinx has a highly qualified professional team at the Clínica Quiron. It has its own staff, so the patient is 100% attended at all times, you will notice great human quality and a personalized service with a technical equipment of quality and innovative.

Not because we’re talking about the only thing that touches the skin. You will have a natural and professional result, minimizing post-operative risks and problems with minimal health impact.

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