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The operation of ears is the most demanding cosmetic surgery by the smallest in Spain

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The Ear surgery, most commonly called Otoplasty, it may be beneficial for children and adults. At Clínica García-Dihinx We are proud to perform surgery of the ears, because we understand that having the ears of protruding or big ears, can have direct effects on the self-esteem of a person. The ears are fully developed at the age of four years, many children are subjected to the Operation Ears To feel more comfortable among your friends at school.

We also find many adults who have suffered throughout their life from large ears, feel the need to perfect the shape of the ears, and thus achieve a more pleasant and less striking appearance. If you are interested in collecting more information about the Otoplasty, for your son or daughter, or considering the operation of ears, our team of professionals will be happy to help you.

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Operation of Ears – what is it?

Operation of ears tries to approximate the ears to the head, besides in some cases to reduce the size.

The operation of the ears of protruding, also known as Otoplasty, consists of approximate the ears to the head, in addition to the possibility of reduce your size. Without a doubt, this is a completely aesthetic operation, which although in the past was carried out especially in children from 5 to 14 years, nowadays there are many adults who decide to undergo this intervention. If you are one of them it is important that you consider all the points to be followed so that the surgery of ears is a success, besides to choose adequately the clinic in which to realize it, like for example the clinic of Dr. García-Dihinx.

The ideal candidate for a otoplasty is that person looking for a psychological stability Improving with the operation the self confidence. Before deciding if you are going to submit to a otoplasty think about what you want to achieve and discuss with your surgeon.


Duration: 1-2 Hours
Hospitalization: No
Anesthesia: Local
Recovery: 1 Week.

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Age must be taken into account. The ideal to be tapped from Otoplasty is the 4 to 5 years, before the child becomes aware of its defect and is a reason for complexes that would prevent a correct psychoemotional development. However, once this age is over, it can be done without problems, but always valuing the emotional and social situation.

In children, it does not have to be taken as a simple aesthetic operation, but it should be a small intervention to treat an ear deformation that can be eliminated. This change will make the ears not a self-esteem problem when the child grows up, becomes an adult and has to make his or her own decisions.

If you are thinking that your child may have a problem related to the shape of his ears, the first thing we have to evaluate is whether it really is due to this part of the body and not to another physical or psychological problem. If we do not find ourselves qualified to conclude that this is the problem that the child has, it is advisable to consult with his paediatrics that will lead him to a psychologist. This specialist is the one who will finally recommend if the operation of ears It is the solution to the problem of the small.

It is important to note that in this type of operation we deal with the smallest of the house on many occasions. So the surgeon with your experience can also decide if the problem of the child is derived from the problem of their ears and if so will offer a solution.

The case of adults is different, they are already able to conclude what is the cause of their security problems and self-esteem against other people, being clear that they want to change the shape of their ears, as happens in any other type of cosmetic operations, both facial and the rest of the body.

Ear surgery – What drives us?

Regardless of age many people will perform operation ears to be more proportionate.

  • Provide the ears.
  • Approximate the ears to the head.
  • Change the shape of the ears.
  • Increase your self-esteem.

Types of Ears

The Otoplasty not only treats the ears of protruding.

We tend to think that with the otoplasty or the operation of ears you can only treat the ears of protruding, as it is the most famous operation. But nothing further from reality. The truth is that it is also possible to treat other types of malformations of the ears that, although they are not so common, is possible their treatment: Wolf ears, satyr ears, cup ears, microtia or macrotia, and constrictive ears. And, of course, you can also make a otoplasty to improve not the aesthetics of the ear, but also its functionality.

It is normal that in the beginning we will be reluctant to an operation of this caliber, for several reasons. First of all, because it’s going to completely change our physiognomy. Although the end result will be very positive without a doubt, what is also true is that our appearance is going to be very different from what we were used to. Ears are much more important than we think.

Secondly, because we will know that also others will see us in a different way, they will know that we have operated and, in general, the first idea that comes to mind is that they are going to think that we have submitted to an idea because we were self-conscious. Obviously, we must look for ourselves and not worry about what others will think, because the most important is our self-esteem and that we are happy with our appearance.

Therefore, if you are thinking that the shape of your ears is causing you problems of self-esteem, self-confidence and distrust at the time of dealing with other people, it is advisable to contact a clinic that offers good results as Dr. Garcia-Dihinx, and will inform you if it is possible to carry out the intervention and if so all the guidelines that you should take into account to make it a success.

Postoperative otoplasty

As are the days after an operation ears.

After surgery you may feel discomfort that is treated with analgesics. It’s completely normal, we’ve just been subjected to an operation.  External containment is done with a circular bandage that is removed at 4 days when the surgeon sees you for the first time. The inflammation will disappear in about 2 weeks and you can gradually return to normal life. It is advisable to try to sleep always face up during these first days after surgery, because if we sleep sideways we run a risk and it will be quite painful.

After two weeks the skin points are removed and it will only be necessary to take care of the incisions and avoid the great efforts. Normal activity can begin immediately after the dressing is removed, as long as it does not involve exposure to the sun for a long time or efforts that may impair the outcome of the operation. It is important to be careful if, for example, we go to the pool or we bathe in the sea. It is advisable to use plugs during these first days, until two months pass, to avoid possible infections of any kind.

We also need to take care not to suffer a blow in these environments where there are often many people.

In the case of children we must be much more careful in the recovery, because although their tissues are more flexible, they are less aware of the operation when making sudden movements that can cause problems in the outcome of the operation. In this sense, we call on the parents of the child to be especially attentive to him during these days, and to properly explain the risks he can run.

Benefits of Otoplasty

Benefits for the person.

Having large, detached ears, or what is commonly known as protruding ears, is a complex that normally creeps in since we are children. That is why more and more are subjected to this type of minor operations that have a large complex, and to which their parents decide to operate to alleviate possible problems of behavior or social.

The ears grow and develop completely at the early age of 4 years. It is also very common to find adults who have lived for a long time with this problem and who now want to put a solution.

We’re going to go over the main benefits of doing a ears operation.

  • Increase in self-esteem.

Ears are an element that is very visible to anyone, whether you are a man or a woman. Living with it for some people can be a problem of self-esteem and present difficulties when it comes to social relations.

When we operate we get to see each other better and thus feel much more comfortable with ourselves.

  • When we submit to a otoplasty.

This treatment is purely esthetic, so taking it out is to get to see us better when we look in the mirror. Gaining security in ourselves and feeling comfortable will provide us with a happiness that is hardly comparable to other things.

Benefits of operating with us.

  • Put ourselves in the hands of professionals.

A team of professionals in the world of cosmetic surgery are waiting for us next to Dr. Garcia-Dihinx. An expert in this field of health, which has more than thirty years. Putting yourself in your hands will be your best choice.

  • The place where they will, it’s important.

Being in a hospital that has a recognition trajectory in the health sector is certainly a good start. The Chiron Hospital will provide the latest technology and the necessary means So that we feel safe and cared for at all times.

  • And then what?

We’ll wear a bandage for about four days and then we can make normal life. You have to take special care when sleeping and try to do it always face up, otherwise it is a fairly simple intervention. The doctor will give you all the care you need and the time you need.

How your life will change after the operation.

  • Security in yourself.

You have a complex and suddenly, from one day to the next disappears. How are you feeling? Sure of yourself and happy, very happy. The complexes are often very limiting and even change the character or form of socializing that we have.

  • You’ll feel freer.

The freedom of If you’re a girl, for example, pick your hair or if you’re a boy go with a positive attitude are factors to take into account for daily life. There will be people who do not understand that by having big ears one can experience certain sensations, but that will be because, fortunately, never had a complex.

Testimonials Mother Otoplasty

Patient of surgery ears to solve ears of protruding.

My 7 year old son had a great trauma with his ears of protruding, every day had some quarrel with a child for having gotten into his ears. After consulting with the pediatrician, we contacted Dr. Garcia-Dihinx, in order to improve my child’s coexistence in school.

In less than a month my son, I change completely, I earn in self-esteem and confidence. The change after the operation of ears was totally satisfactory. I will always be grateful to Dr. Garcia-Dihinx.

.- Estefania | Zaragoza



Frequently Asked Questions Otoplasty

The following questions and answers will give you an idea of the most common concerns of otoplasty patients.

No, the otoplasty is independent, it does not affect the functions of the ear.

No, the result is definitive when it heals, the new appearance has a permanent character. If you put yourself in the hands of a surgeon experienced as it is our case your problem will be history after the intervention.

Although it is a precise and delicate surgery, it is a relatively simple intervention that will lead us to correct the ears called “protruding”. It will depend on the alterations that each patient has being able to modify position, size and shape. The otoplasty weakens the cartilage and the fixation, obtaining a curvature in the antihélix by means of suture threads, rotating the shell and making it rotate to fix it to the deep tissues. It can also reduce the size by resections of cartilage and skin.

It leaves a scar, but it is hidden, in the posterior furrow and in the anterior and posterior areas, there is a slightly more visible scar in case of a decrease in size so it is always advisable to meditate well the decision to undergo a reduction of ears.

It is advisable when the child has developed the ears reaching the one that must be his definitive size, since the cartilages will be formed with a degree of greater consistency, ie, that of the 7-8 years. However, it will depend on each person, sometimes there are problems of socialization of the children with the classmates of the school and it makes necessary to intervene before. Logically, we try to give solution when you ask for solution to the problem. That in children because in adults there is not a certain age, any age is good.

The final result as it will be definitively will not be appreciated until the inflammation is eliminated, at six months, although you can have an idea of the result once the bandages are removed after a week after the operation.

Our operations take place with all the guarantees in the clinic Quiron, endowed with the latest innovations and with personnel dedicated to your concrete case with ample experience. They are modern facilities, well equipped technologically so that each patient feels safe.

After the operation, the doctor will place a soft bandage covering the ears. It will be replaced the next day by an elastic tape checking that the wound is well and there are no bruises. This tape must be carried during the 24 hours for two weeks, then placed only to sleep for 2-3 weeks. On the other hand, a protective bandage should be carried out during the 2-3 first days. Antibiotics and analgesics should usually be taken in the later hours, you should also take care about the points with an antibiotic ointment.

In two or three days it will be possible to make a relatively normal life, although the elastic band will have to be kept for two or three weeks. From here we will have to wait for the inflammation to completely lower, from the three months the result will be almost definitive and at six months can be closed all the evolution. This will eliminate a physical problem that usually generates a lack of self-esteem and insecurity in many people and often in many children, a complex that disappears with a fairly high success rate thanks to the otoplasty.

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