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Labiaplasty’s operation solves aesthetic and emotional problems.

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We live in a time of history in which aesthetics matter more than ever, especially in the feminine sector of society. Reduced abdomen, wrinkle removal, breast augmentation, are usually the most requested interventions by women who want to see their physical appearance improved in a more than considerable way.

But in recent years and more and more often, women are increasingly concerned about the aesthetics of their innermost areas, and specifically because of the aesthetics of their vagina. In the face of this demand, the birth of Labiaplasty has made a difference in terms of solutions.

If what we are looking for is to beautify the labia majores or minors of our vagina, we definitely have to go to a surgical intervention that helps us with the reconstruction of the vaginal lips, and one of the most common procedures in this case is the reduction of the size of the labia minora, and the modification of its aesthetic, so that the patient enjoy all the advantages that this procedure offers , and can thus regain self-confidence.

The procedure we just talked about is known as labiaplasty and, it not only rejuvenates the area of the lips, but also improves the aesthetics of the cap that is around the area of the clitoris, and that is usually damaged, as a result of the natural passage of the years, or after several deliveries.

For these reasons, the operation of the genital lips is a simple, fast and safe procedure, after which the patient will have to stay a while, but will soon be able to return to normal life.

In this article we will talk about the labiaplasty, its advantages, what the procedure is and what measures to take in the postoperative.

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What is Labiaplasty?

The labiaplasty operation is also known as vaginal labiaplasty or intimate surgery.

Labiaplasty is an aesthetic and surgical procedure whose objective can be two types:

  1. Reduce labia minora: Over the years, the labia minora loses both its shape and volume, and through this reduction operation the objective is, as its name indicates, to return the lips to its original size and aesthetics.
  2. Increase labios menoresInstead, in this case the procedure consists of a fat injection to increase the size of the labia, with the aim of improving the aesthetics as well.

The ideal candidates for submission to a labiaplasty are women who: They have trouble making sports like spinning, biking or horseback riding: they can’t wear snug, comfortable clothes because the area is guessed; Patients who want to recover the aesthetics and functionality of their lips; Women who cannot have satisfactory and pleasurable sex for this reason; Or those women who simply want to rejuvenate their vaginal genital tract.

To all these women who feel identified with this profile, we recommend that you come to consult our specialists, without any commitment.


Duración: 1 Hora
Hospitalización: No
Anestesia: Local
Recuperación: 1 Sem.

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What advantages does Labiaplasty offer?

Each and every one of my patients has given me a variety of reasons why they decide to do a labiaplasty.

The advantages offered by the labiaplasty are numerous,And they are both aesthetic and emotional, because undoubtedly the better we feel on the outside, the better we also do inside. Among many other advantages of labiaplasty, the following are the most common among our patients:

  1. Loss of shame in public, Knowing that they do not perceive the shape of the labia vaginally when wearing tight clothing. It seems that this advantage is not one of the most important a priori. However, when we can put clothes that we could not before, and look in the mirror and we are great, the satisfaction is infinite.
  2. Increased self-esteem, as a result of being able to wear garments that previously could not for annoyance, irritation or discomfort. Direct consequence of the first point.
  3. Loss of pain during intimate relationshipswith the consequent increase in ease to reach orgasm due to non-obstruction of the clitoris. Increase self-confidence.
  4. Easy to maintain proper intimate hygiene,Especially in periods of menstruation or after childbirth. However, we must always ask our professionals to tell us about the proper practices that we have to carry out after the first few days or weeks after the intervention.
  5. Results are obtained in a single operationThe results are definitive in just one intervention, so it is a very demanding option for our patients. The fact that they only have to go through the O.R. on one occasion, and for a short period of time, makes our patients down and decide for that option.
  6. Improving Sports Performance:By not having unpleasant abrasions or discomfort constantly, not only the mental worries are over, but also the physical, first because it does not bother us anymore, and second because we just have to focus on enjoying the practice of sport and nothing else.
  7. Fast recovery: Another advantage that has to undergo this intervention is that the recovery is very fast (only a few weeks) and is ambulatory as a general rule, ie that the patient should not be admitted or in observation to see its evolution after the operation. In a few weeks, he’ll be doing normal life again.
  8. Does not affect delivery after treatment This intervention does not affect subsequent births that the patient may have, who can return to have children if he wishes in full normality.

As we can see, labiaplasty is sued by women of any age, That they know is the solution to their intimate problems. Problems arising after childbirth on most occasions, or simply for the years to come. However, and, although any woman who is healthy and of any age can undergo a labiaplasty, it is recommended that each patient have a treatment and a customized study according to their case, skin type, or possible allergies.

So it is always advisable to put these things so intimate always in the hands of the best professionals. Dra. García-Dihinx is characterized by:

  • Skill of our team of qualified surgeons, with More than 30 years of experience.
  • Our centres in Zaragoza, Logroño, Malaga and Marbella, which have Avant-garde and safe facilities, in which the most advanced techniques are carried out, through an exclusive and personalized service.
  • The safety and naturalness of the results achieved, aided by a fast and comfortable postoperative.
  • Be members of the most prestigious societies nationally and internationally.

Intervention Intimate Surgery

The security of being in the best hands.

As mentioned above, there are two types of interventions other than labiaplasty: the one whose objective is to reduce the size of the labia minora (the most frequent) and the one that is destined to increase the labia majora.

The procedure to be followed is done with local anesthesia, and it does not usually last more than one or two hours, and there are several modalities:

Resection technique: This technique is the most widely used in the world, as it is also the easiest, and consists of a resection (tissue separation) at the edge of the labia minora. However, one of the drawbacks of this method is that it gives the vagina an unnatural look and cannot off excess tissues from the clitoris cap, and it often requires later intervention.

Central Wedge resection Technique: This technique consists of cutting the excess of tissue from the central lips which is somewhat thicker, and is carried out through a wedge. It differs from the previous procedure that with this technique the final aspect of the vagina is much more natural than in the other case. One of the advantages of this modality is that there is no need for a second intervention.

Deepethelisation Technique: This technique is carried out through the cutting of the epithelium in different areas of the labia minora, and can be done with a scalpel or with a laser. Thanks to this technique, the sensory and erection aspects of the labia majora are retained.

Postoperative labiaplasty

You will have a fast, safe postoperative and we will be at your disposal for any questions.

One of the many advantages of this intervention is that Patient will not need hospitalization after it. After this operation, what the patient will do is to be in observation during the following hours, in order to avoid possible delays, which do not usually occur, but it is always better to prevent in these cases with a monitoring and observation of their evolution.

When you return home, it is recommended that the patient rest and rest for at least two days and not perform any physical exercise within the next three to four weeks. Naturally, the area will be inflamed during these days after the operation and, if the patient has a slight pain, will have to consult the specialist, who will prescribe the medicines you need. In any case, little by little, the swelling will go down and the dots fall on their own.

However, it is crucial for an optimal recovery that the patient does not have sex for a month or month and a half after the operation, as it is a very sensitive area and suffers a lot during the sexual act. And the first few times after the operation, care measures should be taken not to reverse the entire process. Therefore and in this sense, the precaution must be maximum.

Finally, it should be stressed that, until a total of two months have elapsed, the area will not be considered to be completely removed (in most cases) and, as we have just emphasized, we have to extreme care about the area, but not only in the sexual terrain, but also avoiding wearing tight garments that can irritate the area, and also during showers , which should not be carried out with excessively hot water.

After these two months, the inflammation will definitely be gone and you will be able to check the final aspect of the intervened area, which will confirm the specialist after the timely visit to verify that everything has ended correctly.

Labiaplasty is one of the safest and most rewarding operations that exist, not only because it does not require hospitalization, etc, but also because the results are visible and verifiable in a very short period of time, with the short-term satisfaction that this entails.

There are many women around the world who have come to us with the confidence to solve their problem, and the results couldn’t have been better. Our patients have improved their sex life, self-esteem and self-confidence, and claim that their daily lives have improved immensely. In addition, they feel less discomfort and chafing when it comes to making sport and dress in a more committed way, which has helped them to improve the rest of their physique and their relationships with others.

It is important that we get out of our comfort zone, let us lose the shame, and come to the best specialists in the country to clarify all the innumerable advantages of this method and we down on the possible fears that always arise before an intervention in the most intimate areas of our body.

At this stage where we have to make such an important decision for the rest of our lives, It is essential to rely on qualified professionals, who use the most avant-garde and safe techniques to make the operation a success. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will advise you in everything you need without any commitment.

Frequently Asked Questions labiaplasty

The following questions and answers will give you an idea of the most common concerns of labiaplasty patients.

It is a surgery indicated when the external aspect of the female genitals is complex or discomfort. The lips may be too coarse, asymmetrical or unhung. It is not something so abnormal, it is an anatomical variant of development that probably appears since adolescence. Later, with childbirths, it usually gets worse. The surgery is a definitive and simple treatment, it is of the interventions whose degree of satisfaction is higher. Also, if there is an excess of skin around the clitoris can be trimmed to give a more natural appearance and chord with the trimming of the lips, but leaving enough protection around the clitoris.

No, you should know that the sensitivity is provided by a nerve that is divided into three: perineal, inferior hemorrhoid, and dorsal clitoris. These nerves are not damaged in the surgery and the genital sensitivity is in the clitoris and at the level of the Introito, but not on the labia minora that is what is touched. The sensitivity in any case will be altered temporarily due to the secondary inflammation by the surgery but after 1-2 weeks it is completely recovered.

If the lips interfere, both notice an improvement, but it is not usually decisive. What is usually improved is that you feel more comfortable and secure because of the appearance of your genitals. We are faced with an intervention mainly of aesthetic nature, it is true that there are women that the thickness of the lips can be an obstacle, but they are rare cases, which mainly premium in this type of problems is the image.

The situation of the scar makes it not visible, moreover, the sutures that are used do not even need to be removed by a professional, they fall on their own.

Local anesthesia and sedation are usually used, so any type of adverse reaction from anesthesia is avoided.

It is not a painful intervention and also the subsequent discomforts are very mild, are usually relieved with analgesics and anti-inflammatory in a simple, it is normal that there is some inflammation or even that in the later hours may bleed the area slightly, but it falls within the logical response of the organism.

The results are almost immediate, although the area swells a little, you have to wait between one and two weeks to have a definitive result. The mucosa becomes inflamed in the first few hours there may even be a slight bleed, but this only ensures rapid scarring, that scar becomes almost invisible after about 3 months. The points will have fallen to the week increasing the comfort, the sexual intercourse and the sport practice will be able to return to the month.

No, it is a procedure that we do in consultation, is ambulatory and can go home an hour after the intervention. In our clinic, Dr. García-Dihinx has already experienced time executing this intervention with excellent results, it also employs all the innovations at its fingertips in a guaranteed process that maintains a total discretion.

We recommend not having sex in the first week after the intervention due to inflammation that occurs, even if possible the ideal would be to stay without sex until the third or fourth week after the intervention, although normal work life can be done long before.

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