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Medical Team | Dra. García-Dihinx

We have the most prestigious and efficient medical equipment specializing in plastic surgery, repair, esthetics, anesthesia and general surgery.

Experience and skill + 30 years

Financial facilities

Most innovative clinics and materials

In the medical team of the García-Dihinx Clinic We are obliged to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and advances in technology, surgical treatments and health aesthetic medicine. After more than 30 years since the beginning of the García-Dihinx clinic, we can ensure that we will continue to offer cutting-edge and fully-tested treatments for all our patients. The goal of all the medical team is to offer our patients the most effective and safe treatments to meet their goals.

Dra Mª Jesús García-Dihinx

A lifetime dedicated to the excellence of plastic, aesthetic and Reconstructive surgery

He studied at the Faculty of Medicine of Zaragoza, obtaining the degree of degree in the year 1977, with the qualification of outstanding. He obtained by opposition, the extraordinary prize of degree of the Faculty of Medicine of Zaragoza (promotion 1971-1977) dated December 5, 1978.

He is currently a member of the world’s most prestigious societies and director of the Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Unit of the Quirón Hospital in Zaragoza.


Medical Team Dra.García-Dihinx

Working and always collaborating with highly qualified professionals to get the best results

Collaborating Doctors

  • Dr. Alberto Bavai.- General Surgery Specialist
  • Dra. Yagües.- Specialist in cosmetic and repair plastic surgerya
  • Dr. Fernando Albiñana.- Specialist in cosmetic and repair plastic surgerya
  • Dr. Pedro Gonzalez.- Specialist in vaginal cosmetic surgery
  • Dr. Juan Muñoz Mingarro.- Anesthesia and Resuscitation Specialist
  • Sonia Lopez.- ATS responsible for surgical instrumentationa

Personal Adscrito a la Consulta

  • Patricia Espinosa.- Secretary.
  • Beatriz Baeza.- Consultation Nurse

Collaborating entity. Anais Beauty Center

  • Alicia Larraga.- Director.
  • Beatriz Sanz.- Medical-Aesthetic Advisor

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